Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser

The Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser provides fully automated Kjeldahl analysis adding advanced digital capabilities to an already brilliant technology. Take advantage of fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results.

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Kjeltec 9 Analyser
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Accurate results with fast turnaround time and easy data handling. Kjeltec 9 is safe, easy to operate and simple to run with minimal operator time and reduced risk of error.
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Raw materials and finished products in food, feed and agriculture.
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Nitrogen, protein, ammonia.

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The latest in automation technology saves hours every day

A six month trial of the latest generation Kjeltec solution revealed significant time savings for a busy industry laboratory. Learn more in this video interview.


  • Unmatched accuracy with colorimetric titration

    Classical colorimetric titration is combined with unique technology such as automatic LED calibra­tion and automatic end-point colour to ensure that the results are always correct, and performance is stable over time.


    The automatic end-point colour feature in combination with auto mode ensures that each analysis is done in a reliable way as fast as possible. The new titration controller guarantees that the correct end-point is reached continuously throughout the distillation process.

  • Safe and easy operations

    Reduce the training and staffing burden typically associated with managing chemical analysis operations and stop worrying about safety procedures. Kjeltec 9 is easy to operate and provides new levels of automation to save operator time and ensure safety. The user is fully protected by the unique safety door which must be closed with a tube in place before the unit will operate. Reduce the risk of chemical spillage with FOSS pioneered SAfE* mode, smart filling of reagents and minimal cleaning and maintenance for the operator.

    *Steam Addition for Equilibration

  • Set up 'Alerts and Notifications' to avoid downtime

    Set up your Kjeltec 9 to provide staff with ‘real-time’ notifications in the case of errors. The optional service ‘Alerts and Notifications’ offers real-time notification of selected events such as an instrument or Autosampler error, via email or text message. This allows you to avoid downtime and let staff get on with other tasks while analysis is running.

  • Accurate results and easy data handling

    Easy data handling starts with registration and configuration of your sample batches. This data is transferred to your Kjeltec 9 Analyser using the optional Kjeltec Registration PC software. Simply scan the sample ID on incoming samples to register and configure sample batches and know which test programme to run.

  • New levels of integration with indirect methods

    One of the challenges faced by laboratories today is that incoming samples lack information regarding expected values for fat, protein, and moisture. Integrating indirect methods in the sample preparation phase takes the guesswork out of reference analysis. Screen samples with near infrared (NIR) or Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) to get an estimate on expected values and choose the reference method for your next step with confidence. Eliminate errors, avoid costly re-runs and reduce the use of chemicals to save time and money.

Kjeltec autosampler

Fully unattended operations with a Kjeltec™ 9 Autosampler

Increase laboratory throughput while reducing your training and staffing burden with an optional Kjeltec™ 9 Autosampler that allows you to test 20 or 60 samples at a time. With a 20 or 60 place Autosampler, batch handling is fully automated letting you run up to 240 samples in 24 hours. Just load your sample racks and the system runs unattended for more than four hours.


Technical specification

Performance data at 230 V
Autosampler capacity

Kjeltec™ 9 Autosampler 20, 1 rack with 20 Kjeldahl tubes 250 ml or 400 ml

Kjeltec™ 9 Autosampler 60, 3 racks with 20 Kjeldahl tubes 250 ml or 400 ml

Storage capacity 200 batches in the instrument software.
Analysis time 3.5 minutes at 30 mg N (6.5 minutes at 200 mg N)
Distillation capacity ~ 40 ml/min
Measuring range 0.1 - 210 mg N
Reproducibility  1% RSD (including the digestion step) 
Recovery > 99.5% at nitrogen levels between 1 - 200 mg N 
Tube draining  200 ml in less than 10 seconds 
Burette volume  35 ml  
Burette resolution  1.2 μl/step 
Delay  0 - 1800 seconds 
SAfE (FOSS pioneered)  Auto 5 seconds 

Installation requirements  
Power supply 200 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz
Tolerable voltage variation  ± 10% 
Power consumption  3000 W 
Water consumption
(during distillation only) 
3 l/min at water temp of 30°C (Circulating Cooler recommended at >30°C) 1 l/min at water temp of 15°C 
Ambient temperature  5 - 40°C 
Ambient humidity  Max. 80% relative 
Drain  For cooling water only 
  Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser Autosampler 20  Autosampler 60 
Weight net  53 kg  82 kg  135 kg 
Dimensions (w × d × h)   50 × 48 × 76 cm  69 × 76 × 100 cm  103 × 79,5 × 100 cm 
Optional services   
Sample registration   Kjeltec™ Registration (PC Software for Kjeltec™ 9)  
  This instrument is SmartAnalytics enabled. Turn your data into actionable insights that give you full control of your production across sites. Increase your efficiency, accuracy and uptime to ensure the safe and consistently high-quality food and feed products your customers expect.

Tank for titrant, complete with tubing
Burette Dosing device for calibration of burette
Top loaded level sensor for waste tank
Top loaded level sensor for reagent tank
Tank 20 l (Alkali/water/waste) without level sensors
Level sensor kit for waste
Level sensor kit for reagents
Adapter for Büchi tubes
Handling device for digestion tubes

Find a solution to match your laboratory

Choose from varying levels of automation tailored to meet the needs of your laboratory.

Kjeltec™ 9 Distillator  Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser  Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser
+ Autosampler
Colorimetric titration system x x  
External titrator connection Optional       
Results calculation x x  
Interchangeable burette x x  
Ticket Printer
x x  
Variable output steam generator x x x  
Water saving system x x x  
Cooling water flow control x x x  
Distillate temperature monitor x

x x  
Polypropylene splash head x x x  
Polypropylene tube emptying vessel x x x  
Bellows pumps for reagent addition x x x  
Automatic alkali addition x x x  
Automatic dilution water addition x x x  
Automatic receiver solution addition x x x  
SAfE - Steam Addition for Equilibration x x x  
Tube emptying / waste collection x x x  
Reagent alarms x x x  
Removable drip tray x x x  
Automatic tube door x x x  
Interlocked tube door x x x  
Removable tube door x x  
Tube-in-place safety x x  
Tube replacement sensor x x  
Reagent tank trolley
Balance connection (Kjeltec Registration)
x  x  
Alerts and Notifications
Optional Optional  
Storage of raw data in instrument 200 batches 200 batches 200 batches  
Upload of instrument diagnostic data Optional Optional Optional  
Cloud management of results and data Optional Optional  
Ethernet connection for network  
 Wi-Fi connection Optional Optional  Optional   

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