Grain handling

Grain Handling

We know that grain trade involves risks. With us you can rest assured that 80% of all traded grain is tested on a FOSS solution.

Rapid and reliable grain tests support effective grain analysis

Loverix grain handlers explain why the Infratec™ NOVA is a cornerstone of their grain handling operations during the busy harvest season. With a turnaround time of 5 minutes per grain delivery, from receival and weighing to sampling and analysis, fast, reliable grain analysis as well as ease-of-use is key.

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Infratec NOVA

Infratec™ NOVA

Infratec™ NOVA - the benchmark for technological excellence and performance grain analysis.

Smaller, faster and easier to use, Infratec™ NOVA represents the ultimate in technology, accuracy and ease of use and sets new standards for grain analysis.

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Alphatec™ F№

Falling number test for sprouting damage in grain and enzyme activity in flour.

Alphatec F№ gives grain receivers a safe and modern way to perform the standard falling number test. Features include a cooling lid to avoid a rush of steam when loading samples and a touch screen interface.

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Get an overview of the latest Infratec calibration codes

Find the latest calibration codes for FOSS Infratec instruments in the UK NIR Grain Network

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