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Real-time process control for improved milk standardization with the next generation ProcesScan™ 2 brings the gold standard MilkoScan™ FT3 technology into the process line. We asked our experts why automated process control is essential in terms of meeting the challenges faced by the dairy industry today.


Getting the composition of fat, protein, total solids, solids non-fat and lactose as close to targets as possible has always been essential to make the most of raw materials and secure quality and profit. In this context, milk standardization is the backbone of process control for any dairy.


However, faced with challenges such as climate change, increased competition from plant-based alternatives, a dramatic increase of energy and raw material prices and lack of human resources, standardizing closer to targets to ensure a profitable business is more critical than ever, explains Michael Sievers, Global Key Account Manager of Process Sales at FOSS.


“If we consider the fact that around 50% of production costs are related to milk as a raw material, the only way for a dairy to stay profitable is to improve the use of key milk components in the products where they add value,” he explains. In this context, automated and connected processes providing dairies with the data to make better decisions to optimize the process, meet targets, improve yield and ensure final product composition is an essential part of meeting the challenges faced by the global dairy industry.


“Bringing your process automation to the next level, is essential”, he adds. “Because every drop of milk counts in terms of improving sustainability and optimizing the use of resources. Working with in-line and on-line process control is indispensable when it comes to helping dairies become more efficient and increase the yield with a smaller work force,” Michael Sievers concludes.


Detect. React. Detect. React. That’s automated process control

Automated process control is the key to profitability. Reliable, real-time data about product composition every 10 seconds, combined with subsequent control, can reduce variation between batches considerably and help you bring your production even closer to target values. Armed with reliable real-time data you can improve the efficiency of your standardization for an immediate payback in terms of improved consistency and yield.


ProcesScan™ 2 is a fully automated, on-line FTIR, process control solution for standardization of milk and liquid dairy products with superior accuracy and speed. With ProcesScan 2 you can improve product consistency and yield, reduce production variation, make the most of your raw materials, and reduce the risk of error. Simply hit your targets again and again to improve margins, streamline production and run a more profitable business. On top of this, ProcesScan 2 is supported by state-of-the-art digital capabilities ensuring unrivalled, automated process control.


Make every drop count

ProcesScan 2 uses the same best-in-class Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technology for milk standardization as the renowned MilkoScan™ FT3 that has become a gold standard in the dairy industry. Bringing FTIR technology directly into the production line ensures reliable data, giving dairy processors an accurate picture of what is going on inside the process. Fast, accurate and continuous measurements allow process adjustments to be made in real-time, thereby securing optimal process control.


Adding to this, Global Key Account Manager, Christian Tollebäck explains that not only is this an instrument that is very predictable in terms of performance and workload, “it is very fast to install, and you can start using it more or less immediately. ”Instrument standardization combined with ready to use global calibrations means that ProcesScan 2 is up and running within a few days with only minor adjustments needed to get started, and going forward, calibration maintenance is minimal.


“If you have a lab instrument today, you calibrate and validate your ProcesScan 2 the same way, reusing the very same samples you use for your laboratory. It will work and continue to work with the minimum of involvement from operators, from the beginning to the end of its lifetime. It truly is a predictable and safe investment, Christian Tollebäck concludes.


How can you benefit with ProcesScan™ 2


Hit your targets with continuous FTIR analysis

Detect changes in your production process in real-time. Constant and representative sampling combined with high frequency, FTIR analysis ensures accurate and representative results and allows you to bring your milk standardization closer to specified targets.


Increasing the number of samples allows you to reduce the measurement uncertainty, reduce the variation in your process and produce closer to product specifications. At the same time, you can free up time for busy staff to do other tasks.


Predictable performance made easy

Get your ProcesScan 2 up and running in no time with ready-to-use global calibrations. Thanks to the use of superior features from the MilkoScan FT3 such as 'always standardized', ProcesScan 2 has no drift and always delivers the same high level of measurement stability. This ensures identical performance across multiple instruments.


Efficient operations supported by connected services

ProcesScan 2 is supported by best-in-class digital capabilities ensuring optimal analytical performance and uptime. Get an overview of analytical data across individual or whole populations of instruments, using device management tools and protect your investment with a SmartCare™ service and support plan.


Assisted by device management tools you can monitor and manage your ProcesScan 2 units from a single desktop, for example, when making calibration adjustments or proactively planning maintenance cycles for optimal uptime. This can be done from anywhere in the world from any PC.

ProcesScan™ 2

ProcesScan™ 2 is a fully automated, on-line FTIR solution for standardization of milk and liquid dairy products with superior accuracy and speed.


Fast, accurate and continuous measurements allow process adjustments to be made in real-time for optimal process control. Simply hit your targets again and again to improve margins, streamline production and run a more profitable business.

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