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Dairy Insights is a podcast series investigating current challenges and trends in the dairy industry. From making the most of incoming raw materials, optimising your dairy production and innovating your product portfolio, to working towards sustainable dairy farming.



Naturli podcast

Plant-based testing. It’s all about building up a knowledge database


As more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio, new testing challenges arise.


In this episode of Dairy Insights, Group Quality and Innovation Manager, Sarah Bjerre Lindboe from Naturli, shares her experience with plant-based product testing and quality assurance, and the specific challenges related to the complexity of plant-based products.

Step inside the automated dairy!


For any dairy embarking on the road to automated process control, the question arises; what can we measure and why should we measure it?

In this episode of Dairy Insights, Managing Director of Au2mate, Carsten Jensen explains how automated solutions can bring your process data to a whole new level. So, listen in for further insight into dairy process automation and how to handle the potentially endless amount of incoming data.


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Diary Podcast 02

The future dairy plant is fully automated. Are you ready for it?


For any dairy, process control is the backbone of daily operations and thanks to modern technology, many dairies have made the move towards a more automated process. At the same time the industry is buzzing with concepts such as end-to-end process control,lights out and industry 4.0.

But what does it really mean from a practical point of view and how do you get there? We spoke to Håkan Pålsson from Tetra Pak, who has 30 years of experience helping dairies implement end-to-end process control.

Taste is the key to success with plant-based cheese


Can plant-based protein sources be cultured with probiotics just like dairy cheese?

In this episode of Dairy Insights, Joshua Velasquez, founder of Nuttin Ordinary, shares his experience of starting up a production of premium plant-based cheese, cultured with probiotics. Listen to this episode and find out how Nuttin Ordinary handled the initial challenges of managing fermentation, achieving consistent quality and getting taste and texture just right.