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Feed ingredient analysis ensures profit and brand protection in a competitive global market

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High value ingredients are increasingly essential in an industry characterised by constant variation in raw material quality and increasingly tight margins. Making the most of those ingredients however, involves fine-tuning and a steady hand.


Precision in the dosage of ingredients is paramount to ensure that feed products meet promised nutritional performance while the cost of precious ingredients is kept to a minimum. It is here that feed ingredients analysis for key parameters such as amino acids and phytates fulfills a vital role throughout the supply chain.


As an ingredients supplier, rock-solid analytical performance ensures that your products live up to promised nutritional performance. As a feed producer, rapid tests on both feed materials and added ingredients allows you to fine-tune feed formulations for optimal nutritional performance and minimal cost of production. Further, the connectivity and software aspects of today’s near infrared (NIR) analytical solutions ensures smooth analytical operations for both ingredients suppliers and feed producers alike.

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Feed additive manufacturing

Offer unique services for increased customer loyalty, for example, by developing calibrations for specific parameters such as amino acids and phytate

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Get the most out of valuable feed additives by networking with suppliers and exploiting NIR calibrations for sophisticated parameters such as amino acids and phytate

More feed from the same ingredients


NIR analysis is widely used to test feed ingredients for special parameters such as amino acids and phytates. The availability of these test results alongside the regular tests on feed materials for protein, fat, moisture, fibre and other parameters gives feed producers a unique opportunity to maximize both profit and customer satisfaction.


You now have the power to formulate feed products using just enough feed ingredients to secure that your products meet promised nutritional performance – nothing more, nothing less.


Stable instruments offering standard high performance and the availability of common calibrations ensures that your test results will match those of feed ingredients suppliers. With everyone working from the same high quality data it is possible to fine-tune feed production to effectively gain more feed from the same material and ingredients.


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Common high-performance analysis for optimal use of feed ingredients

Combining speed with exceptional ease-of-use and low operational costs, the latest Near Infrared (NIR) analysers offer consistent performance over time and across individual instruments, no matter where they are located.


Networking options improve consistency of feed ingredient analysis


In a network of old instruments, they all need to be individually standardised against a master. In contrast, the latest solutions such as the NIRS™ DS3 offer standardised performance so that no matter how many units are installed, they will always perform alike.


In addition to standardized performance, modern NIR instruments are supported by advanced networking and software technology. As a feed producer, this makes it easy for you to monitor and run instruments and to fully exploit the valuable data generated. For instance, calibration is a huge consideration for the multi-faceted range of sample types and parameters involved in feed production using a range of raw materials and different feed ingredients.


Effective calibration management for feed ingredient analysis


With the latest networking facilities, an update to a calibration can be installed on a master instrument and then shared across all instruments in different locations at the click of a mouse button. Such an approach also allows a specialist to monitor and manage remote instruments while operators do not need any specific knowledge and training and can simply run their samples.


The set-up provides an ideal way you to work with multiple partners and sites. For instance, it facilitates the use of specific calibrations to ensure common optimal dosage of speciality ingredients no matter where they are used.


Other advantages of the networking approach include:


Access to analysis data from all instruments and sites to ensure consistent quality throughout your organisation

Better monitoring of use of analytical instruments for adherence to food safety regulations and standard operational procedures

Storage and back-up of data




Efficient development and manufacture of feed ingredients


In a competitive market, reliable testing of feed ingredients such as amino acids and phytates establishes trust in your products as a part of finely-tuned feed formulations.


More than this, feed ingredient analysis provides a platform for transparency and collaboration in today’s complex supply chains. The rock solid tests document nutritional performance and expected financial gains from the use of the ingredients. The connectivity aspects of today’s near infrared (NIR) analytical technology then allow you as an ingredient suppliers to share valuable nutritional insights with feed producers or integrators leading to higher value feed products and ultimately, improved animal performance.


Performance, uptime and transparency of data


FOSS solutions draw on multiple technology disciplines including instrumentation, software and connectivity. Among the benefits of this complete solution approach is rock-solid and consistent high analytical performance of instruments, no matter where they are located and who is using them. Other advantages include transparency and traceability of results and unique levels of service and support.

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