Taking pride in good leadership

We continue to educate and train our leaders as we believe this makes a difference both on the bottom line and for customer- and employee satisfaction.
FOSS has a very strong group of leaders. Every year our employees rate our leaders in terms of professional and management skills, and we follow the development closely to make sure that we continue to have great leaders. This is also a great learning experience for our leaders. 

We know that great leaders are essential for a high motivation and employee engagement. Therefore, we take pride in creating leadership training for both experienced and new leaders. 

Programme for new leaders
New leaders go through extensive training, called the FOSS Leadership Programme, in which each cohort represents leaders from all over the world and from different functions. This makes it easier to understand the global context we work in and to form lasting relationships across FOSS.

Programmes for continued development 
After the initial training, we maintain a strong focus on our leaders by enrolling them in an Alumni programme. To maintain an open and ongoing dialogue in the Alumni group, the selected topics are based on input from our leaders during the leadership training. All managers have the opportunity to share what they experience as their key challenges. 

We are proud to have a great leadership group in FOSS and we believe this makes a difference.
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