FOSS presents best result ever

17. Mrz, 2017
The Danish company FOSS, who develops and produces advanced analytical solutions for food producers globally, had a turnover of DKK 2,1 billion in 2016 and a profit margin of 23,4 pct.

During the next 40 years we need to produce as much food globally as produced the last 8000 years in order to meet the world’s need for food. As a result, there is a constant demand for effective production as well as food quality and security. The Danish company FOSS produces analytical solutions to the food industry, and the increasing demand for innovative solutions is reflected in the recent financial report of FOSS.

  • Turnover has increased to DKK 2,1 bn. 
  • Operating income has increased in 2016 by 31 pct. to DKK 496 mill. (DKK 379 mill. in 2015) 
  • Profit margin is 23,4 pct. (18,8 pct. in 2015)
  • The organic growth in turnover is 8,1 pct. (adjusted for currency fluctuations)
  • Substantial progress on all markets and business segments – in a market with 4-5 pct. growth


The good results are due to increased market shares and a growing market. CEO in FOSS, Kim Vejlby Hansen tells, "FOSS" market increases because the number of human beings increases globally and, thereby, the demand for producing more food using less raw materials also increases. Our solutions contribute to a more effective food production and at the same time ensure top quality and security. As an example our milk analysis provides exact targets for milk quality in the production so that possibly poor dairy sources are eliminated immediately without influencing the total production which is sometimes the case. This result is that less milk is discarded”.

FOSS invests more than 1 billion in innovation
For many years FOSS has been leading in the development of innovative analytical solutions so producers are able to measure food quality in real time via infrared scanning instead of waiting for samples to arrive at laboratories to be adapted to the production. During the last years FOSS has developed a new layer of digitalization on top of the traditional analytical solutions which means that FOSS now seriously notices the demand for this type of solutions. 

Kim Vejlby Hansen continues, "FOSS simply holds the future resource in food production: data. Data is key in operating the production and take advantage of shared resources in the best way possible. In order to stay in the lead of the development of digital solutions which contributes to the solution of global food production challenges we are investing more than DKK 1 bn. in innovation over the next five years".


Innovation center grows

Decisive for the strategy and business of FOSS are definitely the employees entering the FOSS Innovation Center each day. 40 additional positions are planned for in 2017 so looking ahead recruitment of new employees is also in focus.

 ”Our world needs the best brains come together to create new solutions in order to constantly improve the way we use our food resources. That is why I am so pleased to look back on a year with increasing employee satisfaction – and to welcome more new colleagues in our Danish Innovation Center”, says Kim Vejlby Hansen.

Financial highlights for the FOSS Group, 2016 annual report (mill. Danish kroner)


Income statement

2016   2015    2016   2015

Operating profit

Profit for the year
380   257   51   34,4
Key numbers

Growth in revenue  5,6%   16,7%        
 - Hereof organic growth in revenue  8,1%   12,1%        

Operating margin


Export share



Number of employees (yearly average)
1,373   1,377    

For more information

CEO, Kim Vejlby Hansen, tlf. 27 10 81 23

FOSS facts:

  • FOSS’ role on the global market is to develop analytical solutions helping companies in the food and agricultural sectors to maximize their efficiency and improve food quality and safety.
  • FOSS provides solutions to the world’s 100 largest food companies and approx. an additional 40,000 customers.
  • 80 pct. of all traded grain on the world market and 85 pct. of all milk is tested by a FOSS solution.
  • FOSS’ vision is to make sure all processed products on the global good market is analyzed by a FOSS instrument from the field to the finished processed product.
  • FOSS invests 10 pct. yearly in innovation.
  • Launching more products than ever before (7 products in 2016 and 7 more in 2017).
  • Increasing employee satisfaction (from 72 in 2016 to 75 in 2017).
  • Increasing customer satisfaction (from 70 in 2016 to 74 in 2017).

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