BacSomatic provides first integrated raw milk hygiene test

13. sep., 2017
FOSS announces BacSomatic, the first ever integrated bacteria and somatic cell counter for testing the hygienic quality of milk.

The small, automated instrument offers a fast alternative to manual assay or semi-automated methods requiring reagent handling. It delivers accurate results for bacteria count and somatic cell within nine minutes or two and half minutes for somatic cell count alone. The handy format makes it ideal for use at the dairy, on large farms or in smaller milk-testing laboratories.


“Many in the dairy industry have been waiting for a simple, all-in-one analyser like this for years,” said FOSS dairy market manager, Peter Juel Christensen. “It will promote better decisions and better use of milk in the supply chain based on timely and accurate data on two key hygiene parameters.”


Simplicity saves money


As simple to use as other FOSS instruments for the dairy industry such as the MilkoScan FT1 and MilkoScan Mars, the BacSomatic’s small footprint and intuitive touch screen operation makes it easy for anyone to test hygiene quality in milk in any location.


The rapid results promote smarter money-saving decisions, for instance, on the suitability of milk deliveries for cheese or butter production and whether to segregate or reject a tanker load to avoid nasty, quality-impacting surprises downstream in the process.


Automated method ensures accuracy  


BacSomatic uses the same approved methods as top of the range BactoScan (bacteria count) and Fossomatic (somatic cell count) milk analysers, but designed to match the lower throughput needs of users requiring as little as 20 tests per day.


Built on a long FOSS tradition of automating analytical tests, BacSomatic provides ready-to-use reagents in an enclosed bag system which effectively avoids skin contact. The automated procedure ensures exact reagent dosage every time reducing the risk of human error that can occur with other methods. Eliminating the need for reagent mixing reduces the risk of errors even further making the BacSomatic a platform for highly consistent results.


The instrument can be connected to the internet for remote performance monitoring and the unit is easy-to-service and backed by global FOSS support.


Read more about BacSomatic.

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