The DairyScan™ gives you fast and accurate fat and moisture testing within your cheese production in just 45 seconds. Ideal for smaller dairies producing less than 7000 tonnes of cheese per year.

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DairyScan cheese analyser
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Easy to install and run. Faster alternative to traditional methods. Ready-made global calibration for quick start-up with no calibration costs.
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Fat and moisture.

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  • How easy it is

    1. Place prepared sample in a sample holder
    2. Select product
    3. Press Start
    4. Results in 45 seconds
  • Faster alternative to traditional methods

    A test with the DairyScan™ takes just 45 seconds. Busy producers can thus avoid time consuming traditional testing methods which can take up to 20 hours for a moisture analysis and get more information to help them spot out-of-spec production before it impacts yield and product quality.
  • Easy start-up, with readymade global ANN calibrations

    DairyScan™ is equipped with an artificial neural network (ANN) calibration making it a “plug & play” solution.

    It is ready to run immediately so there is no need to gather lots of samples as required for a typical PLS calibration. The ANN calibration covers nearly all types of cheese.

Technical specification

Analysis time 45 seconds for 15 sub-samples
Self test Approximately 10 minutes at room temperature
Measurement mode Transmittance
Wavelength range 850 – 1050 nm
Detector Silicon linear array
Mode Transmittance
IP Class 42
Software package Mosaic software
Installation requirements
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 100 VA *), 50-60 Hz, Class 1, with protective earth
Ambient temperature
5 – 35 °C
Storage temperature
-20 °C to 70 °C
Ambient humidity
<93% RH, cyclic up to 100% RH
11.4 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
230 x 390 x 420 mm
Stationary, light industry

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