Pet food analysis

Producers of dry pet food, wet pet food and treats can use NIR to optimise use of expensive raw materials and deliver consistent product quality

Where can you analyse

  • Raw material reception

    Fast methods for monitoring raw material quality

    Reject out-of-spec materials
    Pay the right price for incoming raw materials
    Segregate raw materials
    Better enable least cost formulation
  • At the mixer – process control

    Control your mixing process in real-time

    Measure parameters to ensure efficient mixing time
    Spot dosing problems for early rework decisions
    Ensure production meets requirements
  • After the cooler – process control

    Optimise drying and coating processes

    Adjust moisture levels to avoid excessive drying and energy consumption
    Control addition of fats and oils to reduce over dosage and save costs
    Monitor production trends for early trouble shooting
    Adjust moisture and fat addition closer to target values
  • Final product

    Secure final product quality

    Ensure composition meets final product specifications
    Documents processes and ensure compliance with pet food testing guidelines
    Avoid customer claims and protect brand

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