Contract and research laboratories

Contract Laboratory

We know that as a 3rd party laboratory, cost efficiency and throughput are crucial in order to stay competitive and secure satisfied customers.

Laboratory focus areas

  • Quality control

    Deliver accurate and precise results to your customers, enabling them to meet production targets, follow labelling demands and comply with industry regulations.

    Improve efficiency and reduce waste 
    Meet specifications
    Ensure correct labelling of foods
  • Brand protection and product authenticity

    Get access to data that will help customers to authenticate products and protect their brand.

    Document country of origin
    Assess incoming raw materials
    Comply with good manufacturing practices
  • Safety testing

    End users and retailers today have a high focus on food safety in the supply chain, from incoming raw materials to final products. 

    Our laboratory solutions enable you to advise customers based on the right data.

    Spot contaminants (and toxins) early in the process
    Prevent fraud in the supply chain

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Kjeltec 8400

Kjeltec™ 8400

Automated Kjeldahl for easy and unattended protein analysis.

The fully automated Kjeltec™ offers unattended protein analysis helping you to save time and resources in the busy laboratory.
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Get the information you need to make the necessary decisions and get full control of your sample preparation.


The innovative NIRS™ DS3 combines unique analytical performance with the latest software and networking services, making reliable test data more easily available than ever.


Shorten turnaround time, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and improve quality control.

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NIRS DS3 Product Picture

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