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Automated analytical solutions backed by the latest in connectivity software ensure consistent laboratory testing of food, agricultural and environmental samples.

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Labelling, food safety, investigative testing, traceability, food authenticity, environmental research – the work of government and research labs has never been more relevant.  

As demand for reliable laboratory testing increases, the delivery of results can be challenged by operational pressures of time, resources and training of laboratory staff. At the same time, safety procedures cannot be compromised. It is here that the latest developments in  automation, sensor-controlled safety checks, reporting, on-line support and more have all become an essential part of today’s laboratory operations.   

Innovative solutions from FOSS embody such advances to ensure reliable laboratory testing every step of the way from sample handling to reporting on completed tests. With all aspects covered, busy laboratories can ensure the overall flow of reliable test data, day after day and year after year.  

Reliable laboratory testing with speed and efficiency

Well-trained laboratory professionals are good at lots of things, but when it comes to doing repeated reference analysis, an automated system is always going to be more consistent. For each and every analysis, things are done in the right order at the right time and with exactly the right temperature settings and the same dosage of solvents and chemicals. 

Fully-automated fibre analysis offers just one example of how maximum automation and minimal human intervention helps to make reference analysis more consistent.  

Non-attended measurement of up to six samples simultaneously releases staff to do other things – it can even run overnight. Total analysis time is two hours and operator time is just two minutes. Learn more in this video case story.  





Save time and share knowledge with digital connectivity


As with all aspects of analytical technology, automated solutions for the laboratory are benefitting from the latest developments in digital networking.


Networking facilities collect results from different labs all in one place for overview and traceability down to the finest detail including records of instrument maintenance, troubleshooting, remote service and diagnostics. Data storage and networking software facilities help to meet growing demands for the documentation of results. For instance, automatic recording of measurement activity provides lists of results for improved quality assurance routines and traceability.


Some specific features that enhance knowledge sharing include:


1. Connected instruments for ease of management

2. FossAssure Reports on status of instrumentation

3. Common shared overview of data

4. Sample matching facilities for monitoring calibrations for NIR instruments and for creating new ones

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