FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro

FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro helps you develop, improve and upload prediction models to your instruments to optimise accuracy and profitability.

Develop and improve

Develop and improve prediction models with guidance for optimal settings and run multiple calculations at the same time.

Validate and compare

Validate your models and compare performance in a simple overview.

Easy upload

Upload your models directly to your instruments via FossManager™ .


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

    With FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro you get a calibration development tool, that allows you to create, validate and update models.


    • Intuitive and easy-to-use for untrained users as well as experts.


    • Full traceability and documentation with automated generation of reports.


    • Documentation for internal use or external audits.

  • Upload models directly to your instruments

    Upload developed models directly to your instruments via the instrument management tool, FossManager™.
  • Advanced non-linear algorithms

    FossCalibrator™ Pro allows you to expand your options with FossCalibrator™ Pro giving you advanced non-linear algorithms (ANN, LOCAL) to develop calibrations that can handle large and complicated data sets.

FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro makes it easy to develop your own calibrations

Take your prediction modelling to the next level with the cloud-based FossCalibrator™ development tool, allowing you to create, validate and update models.

FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro

Run multiple calculations at the same time
Features FossCalibrator™ FossCalibrator™ Pro
Three simple steps to develop calibration models
Automatic report writer
Upload models via FossManager™
“Easy to use” integrated guidance
Multiple calculations and automated updates
PCA (Principal Component Analysis)
PLS and mPLS (Partial Least Squares / modified PLS)
Outlier models
LOCAL (algorithms)


ANN (Artificial neural networks)

Brochures and Papers

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