Craft brewery

Inside of Craft Brewery

We know that craft brewing is a highly competitive business with low margins. We believe that using the right tools can contribute to improving your success.

Where can you analyse

  • Throughout the extraction process

    Get the right wort specifications and quickly evaluate your brewhouse efficiency

    Achieve the correct specifications for good conversion and yield
    Follow your recipe accurately
    Ensure optimal mashing and sparging pH
    Calculate the pre- and post-boil evaporation rate
    Measure your final cooled wort
  • During fermentation

    Ensure good progression of your fermentation

    Start fermentation with the correct extracts
    Check your yeast viability
    Check your degree of fermentation
    Evaluate the attenuation level
  • During maturation and stabilisation

    Ensure desired quality during maturation and stabilisation.

    Evaluate your fermentation performance
    Check for product consistency
    Control stability and quality
  • Bottling

    Ensure the correct values for labeling

    Get instant knowledge of what you are about to package
    Free your tanks quickly
    Test the specs of your beer
    Ensure regulatory and labeling compliance
    Maintain brand quality consistency

Do you want to learn how faster and more accurate wort and beer analysis can help to optimise your business and fuel your creativity?

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