Rapid testing of bacteria in raw milk at the dairy

A resource collection for dairy producers considering the rapid analysis opportunities offered by the BacSomatic analyser. You can find field trial and case story interviews, a webinar comparing the BacSomatic individual bacteria count against traditional colony forming unit methods and an eBook explaining the flow cytometry technology used inside the box.


“The first thing the truck driver will do is take out a sample to check bacteria and somatic cell count”

Scientists behind the development of the first ever integrated bacteria and somatic cell analyser for use at the dairy explain why it is just as reliable as milk laboratory instruments.

Webinar: Rapid testing of raw milk hygiene at the Dairy – is it reliable?

Webinar: Rapid testing of raw milk hygiene at the Dairy – is it reliable?

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Barbosa and Marques dairy cut cost of microbiological testing

Microbiological testing of raw milk for bacteria is essential, for example, for predicting shelf-life of products downstream in the process, but it is also time consuming and expensive. Now, dairies such as leading Brazilian cheesemakers Barbosa & Marques are reducing the cost of raw milk testing by moving over to new analytical technology that tests for both bacteria and somatic cell count. Read more

Raw milk hygiene tests throughout the supply chain

For many years, milk-testing laboratories have enjoyed high-speed tests for testing the hygiene quality of raw milk while others downstream in the dairy supply chain have been limited to much slower manual test methods. Eastern Laboratory Services in Ohio offers an opinion, based on a recent field trial of the FOSS BacSomatic™. Read more

How to screen raw milk for hygienic quality at the dairy

A rapid hygiene test for raw milk has long been a wish unfulfilled for dairy producers, so can a new solution called the BacSomatic really live up to the claims on the box? An extensive field trial at Dairy Farmers of America gives a clear conclusion. Learn more