FoodScan™ 2 Dairy Analyser

Now the best is even better. The new FoodScan™ 2 Dairy Analyser improves the quality and consistency of solid and semi-solid dairy products while optimising production processes.

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FoodScan 2
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With time to result reduced by 60%, new colour parameter and excellent transferability, FoodScan™ 2 brings you a new level of performance to streamline operations and reduce cost of analysis.
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Cheese, butter and spreads, fermented and cultured products (yoghurt, fresh and cream cheese as well as cream products).
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Fat, protein, moisture, salt, solids-non-fat, total solids and saturated fatty acids.

Do you want to know how FoodScan™ 2 can save you hours of daily analysis time?

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Is it worth making the move to new dairy testing?

See our two minute tech insight to learn how the latest technology inside the FoodScan™ 2 improves both accuracy and time to result leading to improved control of the dairy production process.


  • Time to result reduced by up to 60%

    The demand for greater efficiency grows as dairy plants increase throughput and introduce new end-products to stay competitive and meet changing consumer preferences. This adds to the work-load in the QC laboratory.

    Faster analysis time enables the QC lab to do more with the same resources.
  • Accurate results – even with less homogenous samples

    With FoodScan™ 2 you get accurate results every time because:

    With 3 sub-scans an even larger share of the sample is measured, which makes you less dependent on the homogenisation step
    FoodScan™ 2 is a major step forward in NIR transmission technology
  • ANN Software
    ANN Software

    Ready-to-use calibrations – also when introducing new product types

    The intelligence and robustness of the ANN calibrations ensure you’re well equipped to deal with it all.
    If you need to control parameters or products that are not covered by the ANN calibrations, we can support you with the tools and competences required to make customised models.

  • Measure colour and composition at the same time

    The colour module is one of the new features available with FoodScan™ 2:

    Colour is measured with the CIE L* a* b standard
    The colour measurement is done at the same time as the composition parameters are measured
  • Maintain TOP PERFORMANCE with digital services

    Effective management of all your FoodScans™, whether you have one or more than 20 different instrument configurations to back-up, monitor and update.

    Get the benefits of fast service resolutions, when FOSS service technicians are able to access your instrument diagnostics remotely. 

    Secure a high up-time with proactive monitoring by FOSS experts.
    Be certain that you have back-ups of your data and documentation for audits. 
    Increase efficiency by adjusting your calibrations when there is a statistical reason.
  • Excellent transferability between analysers

    Excellent transferability with FoodScan™ 2 brings a new level of mass balance optimisation.



FoodScan™ 2 Pro

  • With touchscreen and inbuilt PC
  • IP65 classification
  • For use at-line in the production environment

FoodScan™ 2 Lab TS
  • With touchscreen and inbuilt PC
  • For use in the laboratory or in a protected environment

FoodScan™ 2 Lab
  • Operated through an external standard PC with the FoodScan™ 2 software application
  • For use in the laboratory or in a protected environment

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*Assumptions for calculation: Cost per external analysis set at 50 Euro and a butter price of 4 Euro/kg. The average yield improvement achieved by introducing a FoodScan™ 2 to move moisture targets is set at 0.154%.