The nominees for the Nils Foss Excellence Prizes

9. sep., 2021
FOSS is ready for the 2017 annual Nils Foss Prizes and is proud to announce this year’s nominees. Meet the two nominees for the Nils Foss Excellence Prize and the three nominees for the Nils Foss Talent Prize here.

The nominees for the Nils Foss Excellence prize


Frank M. Aarestrup, Professor, Head of Research Group, National Food Institute at Technical University of Denmark. 


  • Motivation: Frank M. Aarestrup has played a central role in establishing and implementing integrated surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), providing the research basis for banning and/or controlling antimicrobial usage in food animals. His research has contributed, on a global scale, to the under-standing and limiting of the contribution of the food animal reservoir for the global burden of AMR. He has an extensive publication list and a vast number of international collaboration projects.

Per Bruun Brockhoff, Head of Department, Professor, DTU Compute at Technical University of Denmark.

  • Motivation: Per Bruun Brockhoff works with statistical methods and their engineering applications with special focus on food and health science, and their relations to modern multivariate data analysis, such as chemometrics and machine learning, centered on the measurement of food quality. Per has 25 years’ experience, a number of international collaborations and an extensive publication list.




The nominees for the Nils Foss Talent Prize

Kristian Holst Laursen
, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science, Department of Plant and Environ-mental Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

Kristian Holst Laursen   works with research and technology developments for sustainable use of resources in agricultural plant production and his analytical method developments for evaluation of the quality and authenticity of high-value food products. Kristian has a vast number of publications in his portfolio, as well as several research projects, out-reach activities, international collaborations and entrepreneurship. 

Dr. Alexandru Luca, PostDoc at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. 

Motivation: Alexandru Luca  works with innovative, industry-oriented, scientific research on plants and plant based foods, focusing on food quality and reducing food waste, i.a. through the study of postharvest fruit and vegetables and packaging technology. His portfolio includes 11 peer-reviewed articles, 13 conference proceedings, 8 popular science articles and several international research collaborations.

Klavs Martin Sørensen, Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science, Chemometrics and An-alytical Technology at University of Copenhagen. 

Motivation: Klavs Martin Møller is a specialist in on-line analysis and analysis automation and in NIR spectroscopy with a PhD in process analytical technology and on-line spectroscopic measurements of chemical meat quality. He has 11 publications and 13 years of practical experience with developing on-line quality measurement equipment for the slaughter industry.

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