A new analyser promising to become a craft brewer´s best friend!

In a business with low margins, no one knows better than the craft brewer that time and extract quantity equals money! Driven by the passion for brewing and for analytics, FOSS has answered the call with a great new tool promising to become a game-changer for process optimisation.

FOSS proudly presents BeerFoss™ FT Go, a new high-tech analyser providing in approximately 3 minutes all the necessary data for quality control of the brewing process from extraction to bottling. As this was not enough of a Christmas present to the industry, FOSS has ensured the user experience to be intuitively easy and designed to cut-off boring procedures like degassing and filtering.


Built on reliable FOSS-quality FTIR technology, anyone in the brewery can now provide reliable data for decision-making and better control of every batch. After a quick run to the lauter tun or fermentation tank users simply insert the FOSS filter in the FOSS sampling cup, press start on the touch-screen and the instrument will measure the selected sample type: wort, fermentation or beer. All results are delivered simultaneously and parameters available include pH, direct alcohol measurement, density and extracts.


FOSS in Beer: From backstage to front stage
For decades, FOSS has been backstage to the brewing industry by ensuring the quality of the incoming malt through the instruments for grain quality analysis sold to malt houses. In addition, when in 1999 FTIR was introduced to the wine industry, it quite literally revolutionized quality control operations by making data critical to process and quality control available at the touch of a button.


Taking the best of our experience from years of undisputed leadership with our fourier transform infrared (FTIR) technology in the wine industry, FOSS is excited to take a front-stage position in the brewing industry with its newly launched tool to support the whole brewing process, from grain to bottled beer.


Create with pride
Powered by technology, data recording functions and digital services ensuring a worry-free experience, BeerFoss™ FT Go aims to become the “best friend” of today’s dynamic craft brewers, giving them the knowledge to become better brewers while creating the next batch with pride!


“This instrument was created by passionate brewers in FOSS, because we believe that craft brewers should spend more energy doing what they love: creating, and less on what they hate: worrying!” Says Roberta Mustacchi Jæger, Head of the Wine & Beer segment at FOSS.

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