Plant-based testing. It’s all about building up a knowledge database

Dairy Insights: A new podcast episode explores how to handle the testing challenges related to plant-based products, as more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio.


As more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio, new testing challenges arise. Far from the well-known and documented testing of traditional dairy samples, plant-based products contain a complex mix of ingredients that dairies are not accustomed to working with. If you are sending your samples to an external laboratory, the problem is much the same. The variety and complexity of plant-based samples means that commercial laboratories are challenged by incoming samples consisting of either unknown or atypical ingredients.


Some of the pioneering companies, such as Naturli, who have been producing plant-based products since 1988, have built up some experience in this field of testing. In this episode of Dairy Insights, we spoke with Group Quality and Innovation Manager, Sarah Bjerre Lindboe from Naturli, a Danish based brand offering a large assortment of products such as plant-based drinks, spreads, desserts, and meat substitutes.


With a previous background from Eurofins, Sarah has an interesting perspective on the challenges that the rise of plant-based products poses for commercial laboratories and in-house dairy laboratories alike.


So, listen in, to learn more about Naturli’s experience with plant-based product testing and quality assurance, and the specific challenges related to this type of production. 


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