Next generation FTIR provides immediate gains for producers of plant-based drinks and desserts

Ease of use, analytical accuracy and the ability to analyze viscous products made all the difference when Novandie, a French production plant specializing in plant-based products made the decision to invest in a MilkoScan™ FT3.


A smart flow system suitable for plant-based products
For years, the MilkoScan range has been used for plant-based product analysis. Using traditional milk models, with a bias adjustment, it has been possible to obtain very good analytical performance on these matrices. 

However, calibrations were previously not specific to plant-based products and, more importantly, the flow system was not suitable for these fiber-rich products. In older generations of instruments, this could cause fouling and clogging problems (filters, valves, homogenizers).

With the release of the MilkoScan FT3 and its new flow system, new applications have become available while older ones are better managed. With no homogenizer, the replacement of various valves to solenoid valves and a new cuvette filter concept combined with suitable automatic cleaning strategies, the MilkoScan FT3 is highly suited for analysis of viscous and particulate products, like no other FTIR instrument. 

This new capability has enabled FOSS to dedicate an application to plant-based drink products. Therefore, FOSS France approached Novandie, Andros Group, of Marcillé-Raoul. The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a large collection of spectral data to update and make the plant-based calibration for the MilkoScan FT3 even more robust. 

At the end of this collection phase Novandie decided to upgrade from their existing MilkoScan solution to the next generation MilkoScan FT3. Read the Q & A with our partners from Novandie to learn more about the benefits of integrating the MilkoScan FT3 into their production and their decision to make an investment in new technology.

MilkoScan FT3 allows us to analyze a wider range of products while maintaining speed in analysis time.
Anthony Plumard


Anthony Plumard is the Manager of the Novandie factory in Marcillé-Raoul where they specialize in the manufacture of plant-based products. “We produce a wide range of desserts made from soy, almond and coconut”, he explains. 

What are the key steps in your process? 
Since we make our own Tonyu, commonly called soybean drink or milk from soybeans, a rapid analyzer is required. We need to standardize Tonyu to be able to incorporate it into our various recipes. Finally, we need to control our recipes to ensure the quality of the finished product. This is where the rapid analyzer comes in. MilkoScan FT3 is able to handle this task perfectly.

Following the trial, your company decided to keep the instrument. What were the reasons for this investment?
In conjunction with FOSS, the approach was to carry out an initial trial to ensure that the MilkoScan FT3 met the specifications we had established together, in terms of pumping capacity, instrument stability and analytical performance. The aim was also to ensure that FOSS had support. At the end of the trial phase, all observations were in line with what we established together and therefore we decided to invest in the MilkoScan FT3.

What are the daily benefits of MilkoScan FT3?
We appreciate its ease of use and accuracy, incomparable to our MilkoScan FT120 that we had for 17 years and that we decided to replace, and also compared to our MilkoScan FT2 which we have at another facility. The very short analysis time is also pleasing. In addition, the MilkoScan FT3 allows us to analyze a wider range of products while maintaining speed in analysis time.

If you were to recommend the MilkoScan FT3, what properties would you highlight? 
Its ease of use and, above all, its analytical accuracy, which is crucial for the return on investment of this type of device. Its low maintenance is also important to us. 
I'm very happy with the investment as it fully meets our expectations.


It doesn't require much maintenance and standardization is automatic when it reaches zero.
Véronique Lelimousin


Véronique Lelimousin is the Laboratory Technician responsible for looking after the FOSS devices on site, including the MilkoScan FT3. “The MilkoScan FT3 is mainly used by production operators and I'm their contact whenever they have questions, otherwise I contact FOSS for help”, she explains.

What are the special features of your samples? 
We have different types of products: soy, almond puree, and coconut cream. Soy and almond products are very high in fiber and the MilkoScan FT3 design allows for better pumping and cleaning of this type of product compared to other instruments. 

Coconut products are highly viscous and the MilkoScan FT3 can pump these products, whereas the MilkoScan FT2 could not. 

You were responsible for training the production and laboratory teams on site. What was their feedback? 
The laboratory doesn't use it much; it is mainly the operators who use it. They find it easy to use compared to other instruments. With automatic standardization, we no longer ask them to pass the baton every day. The device is more readily available as it requires less maintenance – the operators can use it right away.

What are the benefits of MilkoScan FT3 compared to other analytical solutions on site?
We've been involved in the development of the calibration of plant-based drinks on the MilkoScan FT3. There are a lot of benefits with this device. It doesn't require much maintenance and standardization is automatic when it reaches zero. 

It's easy to use and the pipette has a color system which allows us to quickly see the status of the instrument. Pink for cleaning, blue for zero, and green when it's available. The new pumping system, which doesn't have a homogenizer, is more suitable for our fiber-rich and viscous products.

In terms of software, everything is intuitive, just like product selection. The results summary is better presented and more attractive to look at, so all in all, I highly recommend the MilkoScan FT3. Also, if we have a question, we get a speedy response, either by phone or in person on site. That’s what we like about FOSS.

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