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Case stories help you to cash-in with new analytical opportunities 

Grain handling 

Always measuring the same

How consistent grain testing with FOSS Infratec™ analyzers provides a reliable foundation for payment for deliveries and segregation according to quality...

Automation raises the bar on mycotoxin testing

Video: Fully-automated testing helps the Comazoo animal feed cooperative to protect the supply chain through highly consistent tests on raw materials such as corn used in dairy feed...

grain analysis

Always deliver to spec

Video explains how grain handlers can always pay the right price to farmers and manage quality in silos to ensure consistent deliveries to their customers...

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Technology overviews provide essential background for decision makers 

Chemical-free carbon analysis holds a rich promise for soil testing

As a convenient push-button source of measurement data, near infrared (NIR) analysis has significant potential to supplement chemical analysis solutions for testing, particularly for key parameters such as organic carbon...

In the know with Near Infrared 

Near infrared (NIR) analysis has become an essential quality control tool for grain handlers around the world, but can it do more to help face unprecedented challenges to grain quality throughout the supply chain?


Know more about your grain with in-line analysis

How a long-awaited development in grain analysis can improve profits and ensure best possible use of our increasingly valuable grain supplies....

Industry perspectives highlight trends, challenges and opportunities

Grain photo

Mycotoxins in grain – an overview of risks and solutions

Short read sums up why mycotoxins have always been a threat to health and agricultural production and the options to mitigate the risk....

The pros and cons of insects as an alternative protein source in feed

Insects as an alternative protein source is a hot topic due to increasing focus on sustainable production and challenged supply chains. We take a look at some of the practical considerations for the feed industry.

Sea Weed

Whole sunflower seed quality test helps to make the most of limited stocks

A new application for versatile near infrared analysers is providing a timely option for insight into whole sunflower seed quality test parameters...

Industry interviews capture the experiences of analytical technology users

Balancing innovation and tradition in modern meat production

To become a market leader, modern meat producers need to balance tradition and innovation by combining the ancient art with new technologies and consumer needs....


Connectivity improves grain analysis

The agile grain analysis network and how it improves grain. Grain network operations are becoming more agile with the advent of new connectivity options to improve management of multiple grain analysis units....

Perfect pet food with networked NIR analysis

Learn how Real Pet Food Company gets maximum value from near infrared (NIR) testing. FOSS networked instruments are supporting both regulatory and production development aspects of the business...

Guides, whitepapers and e-books explore the potential of analytical solutions

The sustainable dairy guide 

Three key ways to integrate sustainable goals into your milk production

All about screening for milk adulteration 

Free guide explains why screening is crucial and how modern technology makes the screening concept accessible to any business

Simultaneous testing of color and composition in food 

Whitepaper explores the technology behind objective measurement of color in food samples such as meat and cheese

Deep dives share experience and knowledge

Plant-based testing Podcast

Dairy Insights: A new podcast episode explores how to handle the testing challenges related to plant-based products, as more dairies integrate plant-based products in their portfolio...

Vibrational spectroscopy explained

Per Waaben Hansen, Fellow data scientist at FOSS and Affiliated Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen covers the principles of infrared analysis...

Optimize your milk standardization webinar

Learn how you can bring your final products closer to target, reduce the loss of expensive raw materials and increase profit with in-line analysis for milk standardization...

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