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Our goal is to make the recruitment process as professional and positive as possible. Below you will find relevant information about the recruitment process. The recruitment process starts when you’ve submitted your application online.

Apply today rather than tomorrow

Apply today

The interview process

The interview
The test

Learn about tests at FOSS


Apply today rather than tomorrow

Vacant positions at FOSS do not always have an application deadline.

The reason for this is that we want to ensure a fast and efficient process, which means that we review applications on an ongoing basis.

Candidates who are invited for interviews will receive an invitation per email.

If the job you are looking for is not available right now, you can sign up to receive immediate updates about new jobs by using our job agent.

You are also welcome to send an unsolicited application.


The interview process

The interview process at FOSS typically consists of two to four meetings.

The first interview is typically an interview with the hiring manager. In this interview you will get a chance to tell us more about yourself and your experience and expectations.

If you are selected for a second interview, you will be asked to complete a personality test prior to the interview. If you want to know more about this test, you can visit the vendor’s webpage.

In the second interview, you will meet the hiring manager and an HR Business partner. During this meeting, you will get feedback on your personality test, and will have the opportunity to ask any  questions you might still have.

For most positions there will be an additional interview with the hiring manager’s manager. And for some positions there will also be an interview with a Senior Vice President and the CEO.


Learn about tests at FOSS

Why use tests – can't you just talk to the candidates?
Yes and no. The face-to-face experience is always our main focus as it is usually easy for both parties to talk about professional skills, in terms of education, practical job experience, which tools we use etc. However, getting to know about the candidate's personal preferences and motivation can be difficult in the space of a ½-1 hour interview.

As a company, we strive to find the perfect match on a professional and personal level. Personality tests are used as an interview-tool, with respect to personal competencies.

What can a test tell you?
The test gives no answers in itself. It provides a guideline for an interview focused on personal skills. Based on the answers, the test can indicate a range of information about preferences or common behaviour in different work situations. 

Can you select the right candidate based on a test?
No. Tests are only one of many parameters used when selecting the right candidate. Professional skills, work experience, immediate personal impressions, the impressions of potential colleagues and any references are all taken into consideration when making the right selection.

Contact Global HR Business Partner

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process you are welcome to contact us.
Charlotte Kollatz Ott
Charlotte Kollatz Ott
FOSS Innovation Center Nils Foss Allé 1 3400 Hilleroed Denmark +45 4820 8155
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