We are all looking for a good match

At FOSS we do our utmost to make the recruitment process as fast, smooth, and pleasant as possible - in all cases.


As an equal opportunity employer FOSS welcomes all applications regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, parental responsibilities, age, religion, or belief. In any case – the recruitment process starts with your online application.


We try to move fast

Speed in the recruitment process is important because the good candidates do not wait around. We review applications on an ongoing basis and interview as soon as the right candidate applies. So, apply today rather than tomorrow. Interviewees will be invited by e-mail for a face-to-face meeting or a conversation via TEAMS. 



A thorough assessment

In the first interview you will typically meet the hiring manager. You will get to know much more about the position than could fit in the ad, and you get to ask all the question you might have. You both assess if the chemistry is right, if a collaboration would be a good match and align expectations.

If you move on to a second interview, you will be asked to complete one or more online assessment tools that will serve as the basis for that conversation. During the second interview, most often HR will participate. Read more about the tools here: Hogan AssessmentsHumanostics® PI Cognitive Assessment™


Is it a match?

Finally, there may be a closing interview with one or more senior FOSS employees or managers, dependent on the job in play. If the good match is found and the parties can agree, you will receive a contract for (digital) signature and your journey with FOSS will be ready to begin.


In the second interview, you will meet the hiring manager and someone from HR. During this meeting, you will get feedback on your personality test, and will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might still have.


Stay in touch

Please keep an eye on the vacant positions we advertise here on the web site and feel welcome to apply if you find an interesting opening – now you know what to expect. If the right opportunity with FOSS has not been advertised yet, please upload your CV here anyway and/or sign up for our job agent. Follow us on LinkedIn for news and updates and check back with us on a regular basis. 



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