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Vacancies list

Published Title Country
2022-05-26 Site Reliability Engineer Poland
2022-05-25 Production Planner Denmark
2022-05-20 Product Specialist – Sales & Service Support France
2022-05-17 FOSS North America Webshop Specialist United States
2022-05-16 Product Specialist – for the Laboratories segment Denmark
2022-05-13 Frontend Developer Poland
2022-05-09 Mitarbeiter für den Bereich Vertriebsinnendienst / Sales Administration (m/w/d) Germany
2022-05-09 Backend Developer – with flair for data and mathematics Denmark
2022-05-09 Backend Developer – with interest in security Denmark
2022-05-09 Innovation Engineer to our R&D Innovation Team Denmark
2022-05-06 Senior Electrical Design Engineer Hungary
2022-05-06 Business controller Denmark
2022-05-06 C# Engineer with a twist of UI Denmark
2022-05-04 Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Hungary
2022-05-04 Project Manager Poland
2022-05-02 CFD Simulation Engineer Denmark
2022-04-29 Marketing Specialist Poland
2022-04-29 Mitarbeiter für den Bereich Accounting/ Controlling (m/w/d) Germany
2022-04-29 Front End Cloud Developers – FOSS Software Services (FSS) Denmark
2022-04-28 Chief Accountant Hungary
2022-04-27 Food Engineering/Production Efficiency Expert To FOSS Denmark
2022-04-26 Service & Facility Manager FOSS Denmark
2022-04-19 Product Specialist – Chemometric data analysis on Food and Feed applications. Denmark
2022-04-19 C# Backend developer Hungary
2022-04-18 Senior Data Analyst - FOSS Software Services Denmark
2022-04-08 Project Manager R&D - Process Applications Denmark
2022-04-08 Software Tester Denmark
2022-04-05 Internships and projects in FOSS Denmark
2022-04-02 Junior Electrical Design Engineer in R&D Hungary
2022-04-02 Manual Tester Hungary
2022-04-02 Senior / Lead Backend C# developer Hungary
2022-04-02 Frontend Developer Hungary
2022-03-31 E-Commerce Solution Manager Denmark
2022-03-31 Lead mechanical engineer R&D Denmark
2022-03-17 Embedded software developer for complex systems Denmark

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