Innovative analysis helps to tackle volatile conditions in food and feed production

FOSS proudly announces a new milestone in near infrared NIR analysis, the NIRS™ DS3 analyser.

Today’s technology tackles the threats and troubles of tomorrow. As supply chains and regulations are becoming more complex, the need for transparency in terms of data and processes is influencing quality management in food and feed production. Access to accurate and reliable analytical data throughout the production cycle can make all the difference, giving producers the necessary confidence for decision-making.


Built on world leading NIR technology, our newest innovation makes it simpler to get full control of your data to drive improvements in quality as well as profit.


FOSS CEO Kim Vejlby Hansen comments: “Following on ground-breaking solutions such as the NIRS DS2500, the NIRS DS3 brings the latest hardware, software and networking technology together in a complete solution that is spot-on for today’s dynamic food and feed production”

Effective analytical operations

The NIRS™ DS3 measures a variety of solid, liquid and ground samples with little or no sample preparation. Automated sample transfer to data management systems avoids operator time spent on manual data input. Further, a Smart Start function ensures that the instrument is ready to measure as soon as operators arrive for the morning shift. Networking software allows individual or multiple instruments to be managed from a desktop located anywhere.

Complete solution builds confidence

At the heart of the solution, the capability to measure a wide spectral range makes for an instrument ideally suited to food and feed analysis. The option to create statistical reports based on data from multiple instruments allows users to track the performance of individual units or a whole fleet of instruments.

Unique levels of uptime

Based on decades of technology development within near infrared analysis, the NIRS™ DS3 delivers a unique level of uptime and ease of use that empowers everyone in the organisation to control quality. Hardware performance is complemented by advanced diagnostics for troubleshooting and simple instrument maintenance. Remote instrument monitoring and monthly feedback keeps everything running smoothly without the risk of unscheduled downtime.


Learn more about NIRS DS3

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