X-ray fat analysis test saves money and boosts quality for Gourmet Fein

4. Dec, 2018
See how X-ray analysis is used in cutting and de-boning for standardisation of raw pork materials giving savings of around 700 Euros per day and an estimated payback time of less than 18 months.

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Learn how X-ray analysis helps Gourmet Fein save money
Speaker: The MeatMaster is situated in our cutting and de-boning department where we directly standardise raw material for our production. We are producing pork and beef and this is manually fed into the MeatMaster. Production is approximately 30 tons per day, of which 20 tons are analysed by the MeatMaster. We are using foreign object detection for metal and bone, and as soon as anything is detected, it is removed by hand.


The installation, including calibration, takes approximately three days. To prepare, we needed to ensure supply of water, electricity and compressed air. Our experience shows that no one can objectively assess fat content. We used to send samples to a laboratory for testing. We can now control production 100% and make immediate adjustments for variation in the raw material.
When you compare before and after installation, we have gained about €700 per day. The MeatMaster gives us different advantages. It gives us the possibility to optimize our batch production from a cost perspective. In this way, we can maintain and improve our position in the market. Based on our experience, we can say that the payback time is less than 18 months.


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