Batch standardisation in action

4. Dec, 2018
By Richard Mills
Casademont is a family owned manufacturer of different types of processed pork products like fermented sausages (Chorizo, Salami etc), dry cured hams, cooked hams etc. the daily production is approx. 100 tons. MeatMaster™ is used for semi-automated fat-standardisation of batches for cured sausage production.

We travelled to Spain to talk to Jorge de Bernardo from Casademont about their experience with batch standardisation. The whole interview can be seen in the video, or read it below in our transcription.

Why did Casademont invest in a MeatMaster?
Jorge de Bernardo: I am Jorge de Bernardo. I am the technical and industrial manager of the company Casademont. Casademont is located in a beautiful landscape, in the province of Girona in the north east of Spain. This company was founded 50 years ago by Jaume Casademont, the founder. Jaume Casademont left us three years ago, but the company continues and his daughter Adrianna Casademont has taken over.


Basically, we are dedicated to the elaboration of meat products, boiled ham and cured sausages such as Chorizo. These products we sell in the market as they are as well as in slices. Our production is approximately 100 tons a day of these finished products that we sell in Spain, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. In fact, we are in every corner of the world.
The first time I got in contact with the MeatMaster analyser was in 2003 at the IFFA fair in Frankfurt. From the first moment, the company was very interested in the concept of this equipment, which would allow us to have a cured and standardised product from the start. The company got an analyser in 2005. We made a number of tests and initial validations and they supported our first assumptions.

In what way has the MeatMaster improved your production? 
With MeatMaster we succeeded in having a cured product with a totally regular fat composition from the start to the end and from batch to batch. This gives us quality assurance for the final product and assures curing during the entire elaboration process of the product.

The advantage that we have noted in Casademont since we got MeatMaster is for the cured products, but the most important is the homogeneity of the product. That means that the fat composition is the same from the first dough mixing to the last. It results in a most stable product and in regularity in the drying process that in other ways would be impossible. The products with the same fat quantity have the same loss of water, and therefore the same process. We also assure and standardise the drying time of the products.


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