MicroVal approvals are good news for global milk quality and productivity

A MicroVal approval provides full confidence that your instrument results comply with official standards. The recent renewals mark a milestone in more than 40 years of history within analytical technology development at FOSS.


Did you know that in 2022, a host of FOSS raw milk analysers were re-approved by MicroVal in Europe? The renewal of these certifications is relevant for ongoing initiatives to raise milk quality, reduce the incidence of mastitis globally and increase milk productivity.


The 2022 renewal of certifications included the following milk analyzers:


  • Somatic cell testing solutions; Fossomatic™ FC (2015LR55) and Fossomatic™ 7 (2016LR62), as well as somatic and differential somatic cell tester Fossomatic™7 DC (2016LR63).
  • Integrated bacteria and somatic cell tester, BacSomatic™ (2016LR65 (IBC) and 2016LR64(SCC)), approved for somatic cell count in raw cow’s milk and for total bacterial count in raw cow's milk.
  • Traditional IBC method analyzers, BactoScan™ FC/FC+ (2013LR45).


From the first BactoScan solution that was instrumental in reducing bacteria count in raw milk, to the latest innovation, Fossomatic 7 DC, adding differential somatic cell count to the widely established somatic cell count method, FOSS raw milk analyzers have led the way in terms of securing milk hygiene and quality as well tackling the fight against mastitis in dairy herds. The advent of these rapid test solutions has made a significant contribution to global milk output and quality.


The renewal of these certificates also serves as a timely reminder of the importance of rapid testing of raw milk today and that the FOSS methods stand the proof of time for stability and relatability in the industry.


The approval process 

After the initial MicroVal approval, certificates are renewed every 4 years. The certificates for BacSomatic, Fossomatic 7DC and BactoScan were all renewed according to standard procedure in 2022.


In the case of Fossomatic FC and Fossomatic 7, an application for renewal was sent before the certificate expiration date, due to changes made in reagent composition.


The scope of this approval is stated in the MicroVal validation report:


“The method has been modified to replace FM Clean containing TritonX-100 by 2% FM detergent in diluent solution. The MVTC reviewed internal study data that demonstrated equivalent performance between the Fossomatic FC (2015LR55) and the Fossomatic 7 (2016LR62) operating with FM Clean containing TritonX-100 and the newly modified 2% FM detergent in diluent solution and approved themodification due to no significant influence on the performance of both instruments.”


Compliance certificates and validation reports for all FOSS milk analyzers are available on the MicroVal website.


Continuous improvement of quality through milk payment analysis 

The MicroVal approval ensures that milk-testing laboratories can use all FOSS raw milk-testing solutions with full confidence that results comply with official standards. This sets the scene for a raft of potential industry gains including reduced veterinary costs and antibiotics, increased yield, and improved milk quality. This is seen particularly in relation to milk payment analysis where the demand for reliable and timely test data is more relevant than ever as dairy farms are becoming fewer, but bigger.


The MicroVal approval of solutions such as the BactoScan FC+, BacSomatic and Fossomatic supports dairy farmers who need to live up to high demands for productivity on the one hand and quality standards and good farm practice on the other. A single test taking just a few minutes can avoid a lot of nasty problems including inconsistencies in parameters such as fat and protein (and casein) that compromise dairy production, poor hygiene that affects shelf life and accidental or deliberate adulteration that can threaten food safety.


Approvals lay the ground for global milk quality 

Far from being an academic exercise, the approval process serves to continuously improve standards in raw milk analysis. What’s more, the new MicroVal approval complements others such as FDA approvals in the USA and ICAR certifications. These positive developments open up for further exploitation of the latest analytical technology to the benefit of raw milk as a fundamental source of nutrition at the heart of our food supply chain. 

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