Elite dairy testing made available for quality control of plant-based drinks

FOSS announces the availability of global calibrations for testing plant-based drinks with the MilkoScan™ FT3 dairy analyser.

The calibrations allow the MilkoScan FT3™ to be used for testing six plant-based drink products and a range of parameters (fat, total solids, sugar and protein) for each product type. In this way, the speed, accuracy and ease-of-use associated with the benchmark MilkoScan™ solution can be leveraged for plant-based testing without time-consuming calibration work involved.


Ready to support plant-based business
As the dynamic plant-based area evolves, so new calibrations are required to program analysis equipment for testing new sample types and parameters. The global calibrations cover the majority of this work, saving much of the time-consuming and specialist work involved in the collection of sufficient reference samples and subsequent development of a calibration based on that data.


The calibrations cover: Soy. Almond, Oat, Rice, Coconut and Pea drinks including flavoured and unflavoured varieties.


Plant-based drink producers can now react more quickly to new business opportunities safe in the knowledge that the same critical quality and production control facilities they rely on for traditional products can also be used for plant-based applications. Such facilities might include tests on raw material, precise control of key process control parameters and rapid checks on final products.


Fast and cost-effective development of new products
Besides the products covered by the six global calibrations, producers may also need to make more specialist calibrations to support development of new plant-based products. In this case, FossCalibrator™ calibration software is an available option for rapid and effective calibration development.


Further, the smart flow system can handle multiple product categories and auto adjusts to each specific sample making it ideal for the variety of sample types associated with plant-based drinks. These might be of a viscous nature and/or with chocolate or fruit particles or similar. Connectivity and networking functionality ensures that data access and sharing for calibration work is straightforward and reliable.


Packed with smart hardware and connectivity features, the MilkoScan FT3™ delivers the peak performance required for success in the evolving dairy-industry landscape. Due to the availability of global calibrations for plant-based drinks, it is also a perfect platform for plant-based quality and production control.

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