Webinar: More flexible quality control of feed with rapid calibration development

Recorded webinar explores the possibilities offered by the FossCalibrator™ software tool and how you can use it to create and maintain your own calibrations


While FOSS offers a global database of robust NIR calibrations, we also understand that our analytical users may need the flexibility to develop their own calibration models, be it for unique feed ingredients, new parameters or similar. 


FossCalibrator empowers you to do just that. It harnesses the latest developments in software and connectivity to make calibration development easier for anyone. At the same time, it provides advanced functionality to make calibration work reliable and traceable with easy deployment across your organization. 


So if you are a resident NIR calibration guru looking to speed up your calibration model development, or someone just interested in understanding more about developing NIR calibrations, this webinar is not to be missed.