Future proof productivity in your laboratory

Keeping up pace to continuously and profitably deliver accurate analytical testing on a large scale, is a serious challenge for any lab manager. Turnaround time is critical, and the larger the lab, the greater the risk of error. To ensure fast and reliable testing as well as sustainable, responsible operations, you need state-of-the-art equipment matched with the latest technology and simple, safe operations. The Kjeltec™ 9 takes Kjeldahl analysis to new levels of safety and efficiency, offering significant gains for any laboratory.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn how Kjeltec™ 9 can boost efficiency and bring confidence to your daily operations. The webinar is hosted by FOSS experts, Global Head of Segment, Charlotte Israelsen and Product Manager, Cary Sun, who explain how you can benefit from continuous high performance and minimal downtime supported by remote service, diagnostics and automatic troubleshooting. Watch the webinar now to learn how you can get exceptional performance and uptime on your side.