4 reasons to upgrade your Kjeldahl analyser

Building on the latest advances in analytical technology, the Kjeltec 9 takes Kjeldahl analysis to new levels of safety and efficiency, offering significant gains for any laboratory. But why upgrade if your old Kjeldahl analyser is working just fine?


While the Kjeldahl method remains the backbone of any laboratory, the business landscape for laboratories today is ever-changing. Turnaround time, throughput and safety are as critical as ever, but the increasing need to document and secure transparent results is changing the way we work in the laboratory.  

Analysis results need to be registered and backed up, including additional data concerning when and how tests are conducted. Globalisation and consumer trends such as plant-based meat and dairy products are causing an increased volume of tests and a larger variety of matrices, putting pressure on laboratories to keep track of increasingly complex test results.

Above all, a common drive to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain has created a sense of urgency for all players in the laboratory industry to find new ways to rationalise the use of chemical analysis and make it as sustainable as possible. So, how do we rise to the challenge and secure a better flow in the laboratory?  

Innovation offers the logical path ahead. Kjeltec™ 9 enables fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results. 


Kjeltec 9 | See how it works

The KjeltecTM 9 Analyser provides fully automated Kjeldahl analysis adding advanced digital capabilities to an already brilliant technology. Take advantage of fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results.


But my old Kjeldahl analyser is working just fine, so why upgrade?


1. Because life is too short to wait around for sample analysis

The throughput and variation of matrices has increased significantly in today's laboratory. At the same time, consumers expect that products in the supermarket are fresh, safe and that nutritional values on the labels are trustworthy. This places great pressure on laboratories to deliver fast and accurate results. Thus, automation is a necessity in order to deliver accurate results with the shortest possible turn-around-time.

Kjeltec 9 offers faster analysis time by up to a minute per test. In addition to this, the optional Kjeltec 9 AutoSampler allows fully automated testing of 20 or 60 samples at a time. Just load your sample racks and run up to 240 samples in 24 hours. While analysis is running, your staff is free to pursue other tasks. For added confidence you can set up notifications in the event of an instrument error or warning that requires attention, with the optional Alerts and Notifications feature.



The latest in automation technology saves hours every day

A six month trial of the latest generation Kjeltec solution revealed significant time savings for a busy industry laboratory. Learn more in this video interview.

2. Because the best process is one you can forget all about 
Instrument downtime is a major concern for all laboratories due to the negative impact on lab efficiency and turnaround time. An instrument breakdown has a negative impact on lab efficiency and turnaround time and can be especially costly when your Certificate of Analysis cannot be released until all results are available.  

Kjeltec 9 delivers confidence in your daily operations with continuous high performance and minimal downtime supported by remote service, diagnostics and automatic troubleshooting. A robust design that is built to resist daily wear and tear reduces the risk of breakdowns, while colorimetric titration with automatic end-point color and an improved titration control loop ensures consistently reliable results.  

With exceptional performance and uptime on your side, you can deliver reliable results on time to your customers.

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3. Because we’re better when we communicate. So are our instruments 
High accuracy has been achievable for decades, but maintaining and documenting accuracy can be a burden on laboratories. Therefore, ensuring traceable results with digital solutions for documentation purposes is the future. Kjeltec 9 is fully connected via networking software that collects results from different instruments all in one place for overview, traceability and reporting, down to the finest detail. Kjeltec 9 fits easily into your laboratory flow. Set up import of samples and batches and export the results directly to your LIMS system. 

At the same time new levels of integration with indirect methods promote a more sustainable use of reference testing. Screening samples with cleaner indirect methods can provide an estimate on expected values, thereby taking some of the volume of laboratory testing. Paired with easy data handling features such as automatic sample matching of reference and NIR results, reduces the hassle and risk of error associated with manual matching of results, making it easier to exploit indirect methods in the laboratory. 

Less Friction. Better Lab Performance.

Ensuring optimal lab performance is a challenge for any lab manager. Turn-around time is critical, and the larger the lab, the greater the risk of error. Learn how you can minimize time consuming re-runs, increase efficiency and optimize capacity by combining NIR screening with your reference analysis.



4. Because our instruments work hard so your staff don’t need to 
Ensuring the best working conditions for your staff is a key concern for any lab manager. With Kjeltec 9 at the core of your daily operations, your team is free to focus on their tasks, not the technology. Automation of manual steps not only improves laboratory throughput but also increases safety by minimizing contact with chemicals and avoiding the risk of operator error.  

Kjeltec™ 9 is easy to operate and provides high levels of automation and batch handling with the optional 20 or 60 place Autosampler. Safety features include a unique safety door requiring tube in place before the unit will operate, FOSS pioneered SAfE mode that reduces the risk of chemical spillage, smart filling of reagents and minimal cleaning and maintenance. 

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Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser

The Kjeltec™ 9 Analyser provides fully automated Kjeldahl analysis adding advanced digital capabilities to an already brilliant technology. Take advantage of fast turnaround time, improved data handling and less risk of human error for accurate results. Read more
Kjeltec 9 Analyser