Webinar: Keep your feed quality control on target with agile calibration maintenance


As an animal feed producer, you rely on your calibration models for timely and accurate information on incoming raw materials. But maintaining the performance of those models can be a challenge when faced with a wide range of recipes and a varying source of material. 


When do I know my calibration is good enough? How many samples do I need? When should I add more samples? – these are just some of the important questions that naturally come to mind when running your NIR solution.


The webinar covers key things to consider when assessing the performance of calibrations and will then provide practical tips on how to fine tune them according to the changing conditions you are often faced with. So let us help you to sail smoothly through the stormy waters of feed quality control. Play the recorded webinar here:

Webinar: Navigate the storm - keep you NIR calibration models on target in a world of change