How to optimise profit with analytics in grain processing

Accurate information about key parameters such as protein, moisture and ash will allow you to fine-tune processes for consistent quality and a better business

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Everything begins with grain in food and feed production. It is a prerequisite for sustaining a growing population across the globe. Grain is also a heterogenous label for many types of crops, and each crop comes with its own set of properties and challenges. However, no matter the crop, there are a certain number of challenges that exist across grain processing industries and across crops. Challenges that include complex supply chains and raw materials of varying quality, not least due to challenging weather conditions.

With sustainability on everybody’s lips, the grain processing industry is seeking ways to optimise use of raw materials and energy use in production, which adds up to a more sustainable and more profitable business. Analytical insight ensures optimal use or raw material and consistent quality of end products. A more efficient production process can help reduce energy consumption and the need for rework.

In short, analytics can help enable a more sustainable and cost-efficient use of grains from intake to delivery of final product. No matter the grain and no matter your industry.


Insights add value

Check incoming grains

Ensure correct payment, reject out-of-spec grains and segregate optimally.

Optimise grain processing

Measure key parameters to ensure efficient grain processing with optimal use of your grains.

Secure final product quality

Ensure that your end product meets customer specifications for improved customer satisfaction and maximised profit.



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