This wine analyser is used by 1000s of wine producers and laboratories worldwide. From grapes to finished wine, the WineScan™ gives you the highest accuracy and the best results for your wine production. The WineScan™ can be configured to suit your specific needs.

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Full control of the entire winemaking process. Analyse +20 parameters in 30 seconds. Low cost per sample. Intuitive operator interface.
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Must, must under fermentation, finished wine and sweet finished wine.
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+20 parameters including: Ethanol, sugars, organic acids, pH and colour.

Did you know that the operating cost per sample with a WineScan™ is surprisingly small?

In a traditional winery, the cost per sample is typically 0.06 to 0.20 EUR. Talk to us to find the cost per sample in your business? GET A QUOTE Let's talk

“You’ve always got the satisfaction of knowing you’re pretty much on target”

Neil Van Kooten from Integral Laboratories, Cape Town, explains how WineScan™ provides easy access to analytical data while reducing analysis time to less than a minute.


  • Reliable results from robust calibrations

    Ready to use calibrations for all wines
    More than 105.000 reference analysis data included
    Documented analytical performance
  • Configured to suit your needs

    Available options:
    Auto sampler with up to 120 cups
    Mosaic networking software
    Colour module measuring at 420 nm, 520 nm and 620 nm
    Grape soundness indexes to detect infections
    FTIR calibrator software for own calibration modelling
  • Instrument standardisation

    WineScan™ instruments are standardised for high stability to give the same results regardless of any wear on the cuvette.
  • FossAssure™

    FossAssure™ is a WineScan™ digital service designed to reduce product waste, secure brand protection and increase profitability by ensuring the quality and precision of your analytical results. Besides, FossAssure™ services will also improve instrument uptime and reduce production costs by optimising the operation and the performance of your instruments.

Have you considered improving your business with cost-effective wine analysis?

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