Kjeltec™ 8200

This highly versatile Kjeldahl distillation unit uses the global reference method for automated protein analysis with the highest safety standards for use in any laboratory.

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Future proof Kjeldahl. Take advantage of an versatile automated distillation system with the option to upgrade to a fully automated distillation and titration system according to your laboratory demands.
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Food, feed, feed ingredients, forage, pet food, grain, cereal, oil seeds, meat, meat products, milk, dairy products, beer and beer ingredients.
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Nitrogen, protein, Non Protein Nitrogen (NPN) and volatiles (SO2, TVBN and more).

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“Now we can handle more samples and get the results earlier with less work”

Learn how Denofa soya crushing plant in Norway have achieved more consistent results with automated Kjeltec™, while saving time and labour.


  • Safety features

    A fast tube draining system removes the need for handling hot reagents after distillation. Interlocked safety door which must be closed with a tube in place before the unit will operate. Cooling water flow is controlled automatically and a temperature sensor stops the unit if the distillate is too hot. Sensors monitor tube in place, safety doors, reagent levels, water level and over-pressure in the steam generator providing safe use. 



  • SAfE

    The patented SAfE* technology improves safety by a mixing procedure, reducing the exothermic reaction between alkali and acid during distillation and removing the need for manual pre-dilution.

     *Steam Addition for Equilibration

Overview of Kjeltec™ models

The Kjeltec™ series consists of four models: Kjeltec™ 8100, 8200 and 8400 and KT 200 Kjeltec™ with different levels of automation.

200 8100 8200 8400
Variable output steam generator  x  x  x
Water saving system  x  x  x
Cooling water flow control  x  x  x
Distillate temperature monitor  x  x  x
Polypropylene splash head x  x  x  x
Polypropylene tube emptying vessel x  x  x
Bellows pumps for reagent addition x  x  x  x
Automatic alkali addition x  x  x  x
Automatic dilution water addition

 x  x  x
Automatic receiver solution addition    x  x
SAfE - Steam Addition for Equilibration x  x  x  x
Tube emptying/Waste collection  x  x  x
Reagent alarms  x  x  x
Removable drip tray x  x  x  x
Automatic safety door    x  x
Interlocked safety door  x  x  x
Removable safety door  x  x  x
Tube-in-place safety  x  x  x
Tube replacement sensor  x  x  x
Colorimetric titration system    Opt.  x
External titrator connection    Opt.  Opt.
Interchangeable burette      x
Titration bypass      x
Results calculation      x
Storage of raw data in instrument      40 batch
Data management PC software      x
Storage of raw data with PC software      Unltd
Ethernet connection for PC      x
Balance      x
Printer      x
Autosampler system 8420 or 8460      Opt.

Upgradeable to a Kjeltec™ 8400 to suit your future needs

For further security well into the future, the Kjeltec™ 8200 comes with upgrade options for fully auto­matic and unattended operation. Allow your unit to grow as your business grows by upgrading to a Kjeltec™ with an optional sampler holding 20 or 60 samples. 

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Technical specification

Performance data at 230 V
Analysis time
3.5 minutes at 30 mg N (6.5 minutes at 200 mg N)
Distillation capacity ~ 40 ml/min
Measuring range

0.1 – 200 mg N

Reproducibility 1% RSD (including the digestion step)
Recovery > 99.5% at nitrogen levels between 1 – 200 mg N
Installation requirements
Power supply 200 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz
Tolerable voltage variation ± 10 %
 Power consumption  2 200 W
 Water consumption

(during distillation only) 3 l/min at water temp of 25°C

*1 l/min at water temp of 15°C
*Circulating Cooler recommended at >25°C

 Weight net  Kjeltec™ (8100, 8200, 8400) 35kg
 Dimensions: (W×D×H)  480 × 580 × 690 mm

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