Fibertec 8000

Fibertec™ 8000

Fibertec™ 8000 has the lowest operator time of any fibre analysis system. Crude and Detergent Fibre according to the standard reference method

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Fibertec 8000
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Lowest operator time of any fibre analysis solution. Official reference method results with unrivalled accuracy (ISO, AOAC). Safest fibre analysis solution available.
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Feed, Feed ingredients, Forage, Pet food, Grain, Cereal and Oil seeds.
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Crude Fibre (CF), Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF), Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and Acid Detergent Lignin (ADL).

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“It will save time, it will save money”

Laboratory manager, Jeffrey Smith from ADM Europoort explains how a shift to fully automated fibre analysis has reduced their standard deviation and made it possible to produce closer to specifications.


  • Cups for Fibertec 8000 Cups for Fibertec 8000

    No sample transfer

    Samples are handled separately in standard filter crucibles which are used both as an integral part of the assembly during extraction, rinsing and filtration and as sample vessels during weighing, drying and ashing. Sample residue remains in the crucible during the whole procedure, avoiding sample transfer and associated risk of error.

  • FT 121 Fibertec FT 121 Fibertec

    The FT 121 Fibertec cold extraction unit

    The FT 121 Fibertec™ Cold Extraction Unit can be used in combination with the fully automated FIbertec™ 8000 for de-fatting samples and extraction at ambient temperatures and solvent dehydration of fibre residues.

  • Soxtec 8000 Soxtec 8000

    Official reference method results

    The Fibertec™ 8000 provides official method results (ISO, AOAC), with the safest fibre analysis solution available for Crude fibre, ADF, ADL and NDF. Non-attended measurement of up to six samples simultaneously releases staff to do other things – it can even run overnight.
  • Safety features for Fibertec 8000 Safety features for Fibertec 8000

    On-board heating and dispensing of reagents

    Innovative safety features help you to raise the safety level in everyday operations. All reagents are dispensed automatically avoiding any contact with hot chemicals and their fumes. In addition, automatic heat reduction when the boiling point is reached prevents spillage.The system adds antifoam and enzymes automatically (when required).

The Fibertec™ series

The Fibertec™ series consists of three models: the Fibertec™ 8000 and FT 122 Fibertec™ with different levels of automation.

  Fibertec™ 8000 FT 122 Fibertec™  
Level of automation Fully automated Manual  
Positions 6 6  
Capacity/day 36 36  
Sample holder Glass crucible Glass crucible

Technical specification

Performance data
Sample size 0.5 – 3g
Measuring range 0.1 % - 100 %
Capacity per batch Up to 6 samples
Capacity per day Up to 36 analysis (crude fibre method)
Repeatability ± 1 % relative at 5 % - 30 % fibre level
Installation Requirements
Power supply
200 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz 
Power consumption
2 000 W
Water supply
Fibertec 8000: Tap water minimum 2 l/min (4-25 °C, depending on water pressure), FT 121 Cold extraction unit:  Tap water 2 l/min

Fibertec™ 8000
FT 121 Fibertec™  
Weight 67kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
730 × 390 × 640 mm
560 × 380 × 280 mm

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