ProFoss improves oilseed meal crushing

“We need to optimise our process and stabilize our quality and that is why we use the FOSS”

analisis en linea de soja
4. Dec, 2018
In this video an expert from the Bunge Vietnam soya crushing plant, talks about the benefits of moving from manual to in-line NIR analysis with the ProFoss soymeal analyser.
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Speaker: Before we got the FOSS, we had to do tests manually. We still need the human touchpoint, but now we know that the human interaction is not always 100% correct. So we have a gap. That's why we need to do it online. With online, we can get a result every two to three minutes.

We are thinking about our customers, how we can keep our customers and how we increase our customers. Before we got the FOSS, we could not check so frequently. We cannot check every minute, but once an hour. We have a capacity of 150 tons per hour. Every hour we check once. If the problem occurs in the gap, we can lose 150 tons. And we need to avoid the risk of any mistakes in deliveries to customers. We need to optimise our process and stabilise our quality and that is why we need to use the FOSS online.

Right now we only measure the final result, but we are also looking at measuring at the inlet. We need to improve further and take another step. If we stabilise intake, then we get a more stable output.

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