Product Compliance

8. Apr, 2019

FOSS is fully dedicated to maintain our products in compliance. This is done by ensuring product safety and requirements to the suppliers. In order to achieve such, FOSS is following a set of ethic values alongside with progressing processes and procedures. For more information about product compliance please contact us at

Chemical Compliance

REACH Regulation (1907/2006/EC)
Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is an European Union regulation (1907/2006/EC) established to control the production and use of chemical substances, due to their impact on human health and the environment. REACH is governed in cooperation with the EU Commission, ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency) and EU Member States. According to REACH (Article 33), FOSS hereby inform about safe use of articles containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed by ECHA.

This list is updated every six month, for which FOSS continuously seeks to develop solutions with the purpose to eliminate SVHC substances in our products. Nevertheless, by [CURRENT DATE or LAST UPDATE WEBPAGE] some of our products contain SVHC substances more than 0.1% by weight per article. However, under normal conditions of use any declared SVHC substance will not affect the consumer in any unhealthy aspects.


Example of products containing SVHC substances: MeatMaster™ II

List of SVHC substances to declare:

 CAS no.  EC no.  Substance name
7439-92-1 231-100-4
Lead Monoxide
15571-58-1  239-662-4 2-ethylhexyl 10-ethyl-4,4-dioctyl-7-oxo-8-oxa-
142844-00-6 604-314-4 Refractories, fibers, aluminosilicate
25973-55-1 247-384-8 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-ditertpentylphenol
1327-53-3 215-481-4 Diarsenic trioxide
Diboron trioxide