New whey calibration for MilkoScan Mars to help make the most of cheese by products

6. Oct, 2016
A test for whey is now available with the FOSS MilkoScan Mars analyser.

The new option can help cheese producers to make the best possible use of whey as a valuable by-product of cheese production, for example, for production of whey protein concentrate for nutritional supplements. A sample of whey can be tested for Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, Solids Non Fat all in one go in a single test taking less than a minute. This complements the existing MilkoScan™ Mars calibration for raw milk and cheese milk which can be tested for exactly the same parameters. 

It is all part of a new solution offering from FOSS that is aimed at helping smaller cheese plants to gain better control throughout the production cycle from the raw milk to standardized cheese milk, liquid whey and finished cheese. 

The MilkoScan Mars uses a particular type of Infrared analysis technology called Fourier Transform Infrared for high accuracy testing of liquid samples while another small and handy analyser called the DairyScan uses a slightly different infrared technology called Near Infrared for optimal testing of solid cheese samples. Together they provide a winning team for smaller dairies to improve yield and final product quality.

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