Annual result for 2021 - Record revenue and increased investments in innovation

HILLERØD, 25 March 2022. Today, FOSS announced its annual result for 2021 and unveiled a record revenue for the company, a strong profit and increased investment in innovation. The digital investments of recent years have strengthened the business in a year of global crises and have created the foundation for more growth.


In 2021, FOSS had a turnover of DKK 2.3 billion with an organic growth of more than 8% and considerable progress in North America, South America, Europe, and China with organic growth rates ranging from 10% to 21%. The analytical solutions business for especially meat, milk, and grain has had a very good year.


Making sustainability a better business - and helping the global food industry into the future

Major investments in research, development, and digitalization have paid off, and FOSS' leading position in the field of innovative and digital solutions for the global food industry will support a sustainable food production in the future.


In August 2021, FOSS announced the largest digital investment in the company's history - FOSS Software Services.The new digital division will create novel hardware-independent solutions that enable food companies to secure production in a 360-degree perspective, and cover significant areas within food safety, supplier and quality management, compliance, and production optimization.


FOSS' digital journey started many years ago, but the major investments and strategic decisions of recent years have kicked digitalization of the food industry into a higher gear.


“We see it as a special responsibility that we, as a global market leader, take the lead with innovation of analytical solutions and digitalization for a sustainable food production. FOSS is built on strong values that, after more than  65 years, are still absolutely central to everything we do. FOSS' values are to be first, customer-focused and grounded in knowledge, experience, and collaboration. They are so deeply rooted in the organization that they instinctively follow all new development projects and interactions with customers. FOSS Software Services is another concrete example of this. We take the lead in creating a food production that will be far more data-driven, intelligent, and adaptable in the future.


FOSS will also meet the future’s challenges and demands regarding the production of plant-based foods. As one of the newer food areas, it is experiencing rapid growth, and analytical solutions will be needed to optimize production, improve quality, and ensure food safety,” says CEO of FOSS, Kim Vejlby Hansen.


Unity and fighting spirit overcame global crises
2021 presented many global challenges led by a pandemic, a shortage of micro-chips, major logistics challenges, and significant increases in commodity prices. These crises posed inevitable challenges for FOSS' global business, particularly in terms of production, purchasing, and distribution. A focused business strategy and an extraordinary effort from the entire FOSS team have made it possible to achieve this historically great result. The year was completed with a great score in the annual customer satisfaction survey, unmatched by FOSS' competitors. Kim Vejlby Hansen says about the challenges of the past year:
"Like for everyone else, the global crises created significant challenges for FOSS. We have made it through all the storms in good form, supported by a strong team effort - of which I am very proud, a focused and long-term business strategy, and a strong, global organization.”
As global market leader, FOSS is also affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It has been important for FOSS to ensure the safety of all affected employees and partners. Immediately after the start of the invasion, FOSS began an extensive effort to handle and comply with the new sanctions introduced.
The long-standing cooperation with the Russian IT consulting firm, Lanit, has been terminated, and FOSS has suspended all sales of new instruments to Russia and Belarus.



Figures from the FOSS group’s 2021 annual results (m DKK)

 Main figures  2021  2020
 Net turnover  2,297  2,149
 Operating profit  555  526
 Profit for the year  437  394
 Other key figures    
 Growth in turnover  6,9%  -0,3%
 Hereof organic growth in turnover  8,3%  -2.9%
 Profit margin  24.2%  24,5%
 Export share  >99%  >99%
 Number of employees (yearly average)  1,566  1,529



About FOSS

FOSS contributes to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources and thus to the nutrition and health of the people of the world. Through analytics, FOSS adds value to customers - which counts the world's 100 largest food companies - by improving food quality and optimising production, from raw material to finished product. By turning measurement into information,businesses can run intelligent, data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields. FOSS helps food and agricultural producers scale their business faster and smarter. Nils Foss founded the family-owned company in Hillerød in 1956. Today, FOSS employs more than 1,600 highly qualified people in more than 30 countries with consolidated sales of DKK 2.29 bn in 2021.




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