FOSS near infrared in-line analytical technology used to produce healthier sugar product

Sugar beet
22. Jan, 2018
The FOSS ProFoss inline near infrared (NIR) analyser has helped to introduce a new way of producing sugar that retains some of the naturally occurring minerals and micronutrients currently removed by traditional processing methods.

The ProFoss gives production controllers analysis data that helps them retain higher levels of natural minerals and other nutrients, which slows down the uptake of sugar in the body. The breakthrough was covered recently in an Australian TV news feature. See the news feature "Sugar could soon be better for you" here.

The goal of retaining more minerals in sugar is not new, but has proved elusive due to difficulties in controlling the concentration of these minerals and micronutrients. This has made it hard for producers to match predefined product specifications consistently. 

The ProFoss solution includes a near infrared sensor that is positioned directly in the process from where it delivers a constant flow of analysis data for key control parameters. Production controllers monitor the data in the form of graphical trend charts and can fine-tune the process on-the-fly if required. 

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