Moisture meter with full integration to grain networks

23. Mar, 2018
FOSS announce the GAC 2500 C, the first-ever grain moisture meter to provide full integration into grain networks.

The new meter allows grain receivers to use a simple, yet accurate solution for moisture and test weight instead of having to use a more sophisticated multi-parameter analyser. It can be used to introduce moisture testing at a new receival site or integrated alongside an existing grain analyser to expand moisture-testing capacity. 


The GAC 2500 C is connected to a network via the FOSS Mosaic networking software that supports grain networks around the world. 


Reliable results whatever the weather

Hot or frozen grain within a wide temperature range from -20 to +45° C can be analysed directly. A smart ‘Auto-run’ function allows operation when wearing gloves - the sample is just poured in and the meter starts measuring. The instrument is also unaffected by fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity.


The GAC 2500 C provides reliable data for smart payment and grain handling decisions based on a high-frequency (149 mHz) UGMA compliant test. This penetrates deep into the kernel to give accurate results for moisture in all types of grains, beans and pulses. A result for Test Weight is delivered simultaneously. 


From moisture to grain quality assessment


The addition of a moisture meter makes the FOSS grain portfolio one of the most extensive and sophisticated in the grain and milling industry with all FOSS solutions following the same winning formula of repeatable accuracy, usability and network connectivity.


The GAC 2500 C takes its place alongside solutions including the Alphatec for falling number, Infratec NOVA for multi-parameter analysis of grain, ProFoss grain for in-line testing of grain, the NIRS DS2500 Flour analyser and the EyeFoss for grain quality assessment.  

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