New X-ray fat analysis for small meat production plant

1. Oct, 2019
A new compact version of the MeatMaster™ II gives new fat-testing options for meat producers.

FOSS has released MeatMaster™ II C, a new compact version of the MeatMaster™ II analyser which makes X-ray fat analysis and foreign object detection available to a new broader group of meat producers.

Measuring just 1.5 metres in length, the MeatMaster™ II C sets a new standard for X-ray analysis, making it easier to integrate into production plants where space may be tight. It delivers the same accuracy as the MeatMaster II with fat content measured to within 0.8% or better, and bone detection down to 5mm and metal detection  down to 2mm. Meat in boxes and trays, including blocks of frozen meat, can be measured. 

Easy to own X-ray
In addition to its small size, all aspects of installing and owning an X-ray analyser are covered with the MeatMaster II C.

Installation can be completed in a few days using a supplied calibration and with local support from FOSS experts. New software options supplied as standard include multi-language interfaces and process control software for fully automated control of batches. The IP69K unit is robust and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is supplied with a cleaning rack for holding all loose items such as the conveyor belt. This ensures effective routine cleaning at the end of production shifts. 

MeatMaster II

MeatMaster II
The standard version is the most versatile allowing a raft of proven applications including loose meat, meat in cartons, frozen meat, frozen whole meat blocks, whole pork bellies and hams. Weight  is also measured and foreign objects  are detected. Any type of raw meat, chilled or frozen, can be scanned by the solution.

MeatMaster II AG

The MeatMaster II AG
The MeatMaster II AG is another dedicated version which is aimed at producers who need an accurate measure-ment of the fat content in ground meat as it is transported from the grinder to the mixer.

MeatMaster II C

The MeatMaster II C
The MeatMaster II C is 1.5 metres in length - a metre shorter than the standard MeatMaster II. It can measure meat in boxes and trays, including blocks of frozen meat, but not loose meat. The through-put capacity of 20-25 kg cartons/boxes is the same as for the standard MeatMaster II version – up to app. 2000 per hour. 

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