Vibrational spectroscopy explained

Per Waaben Hansen, Fellow data scientist at FOSS and Affiliated Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen covers the principles of infrared analysis


This 30 minute video presentation starts with a look at molecular vibrations and how spectra can be generated and recorded.  It then takes a closer look at analysis methods in relation to mid infrared analysis and near infrared analysis. Furthermore, the optical setups known as transmittance and reflectance are explained in the context of example food and beverage sample types.


Having laid the ground for principle of vibrational spectroscopy, Per discusses how mathematical models applied to analytical instruments can be generated. Two examples highlight the challenges with respect to particular sample types and the parameters to be determined.


The presentation offers in-depth, yet highly accessible insight into an analytical technology that is increasingly important for effective and sustainable production of quality food and drink.  Viewers will be rewarded with essential background for researching and assessing infrared analytical solutions.

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