Better mastitis control with the new Udder Health Tool

Dairy industry experts explain the practical application of Differential Somatic Cell Count in dairy farms.


One of the major problems related to the spread and persistence of mastitis within dairy herds is the sub-clinical form which is hard to detect with Somatic Cell Count (SCC) alone. 


A new Udder Health Group tool provides data from both SCC and the new Differential Somatic Cell Count (DSCC), giving farmers and veterinarians the knowledge, they need, to identify more mastitis infections than before and at a much earlier stage of the disease. 


In this webinar, two dairy farming experts who have integrated the DSCC parameter in their daily work, share their practical experiences and key learnings.


  • Technical Director, Lara Suárez Escandón from LILA Asturias will be sharing learnings from a pilot project that entailed rolling out the DSCC parameter among farm members.

  • Managing Director Mauro Vega Valdés from ASCOL will be discussing why and how they incorporated DSCC into their DHI reports and how this new information was used to help farmers and consultants achieve better mastitis management.

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