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What is it like working as a software developer at FOSS? Get a brief introduction to our shared purpose and methods, and hear from some of the software developers themselves.

A sense of purpose

At FOSS, we are driven by a strong sense of purpose, and we hope you are too.


A fast growing population means that the global food production will have to increase by 60% by 2050 to meet demand. We want to come up with smarter ways to make the best use of agricultural resources, and to help eliminate food waste.


If that sounds like something you would like to get out of bed for every Monday morning, then read on.

Complex problems and elegant solutions

FOSS’ solutions provide a wealth of data and therefore contain sophisticated data analysis algorithms. This means we have large teams of skilled data scientists/chemometricians and software developers implementing these methods.


The goal is to keep solutions simple and easy to use for our customers who should not worry about complicated mathematics. That’s our job.

Variety of disciplines

No day working at FOSS is the same, and we are always curious on new technologies, which means there’s ample opportunity to pursue your passion, explore new disciplines and hone new skills.


“I especially enjoy the variety of disciplines I get to work with at FOSS – there’s a good mix of Windows, embedded Linux, C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript and other cutting edge technologies. Keeping up-to-date by learning new interesting frameworks, libraries and technologies are part of the fun. There’s a connection to hardware, which makes the solutions we work on applicable in the real world. It’s nice to go to work, knowing that what you do serves a good purpose – new and better ways of measuring food quality by analysing grain, milk and wine around the world.”

– Martin Ingvar Kofoed Jensen, software developer


Teamwork and creative thinking

FOSS covers many engineering fields and a variety of industry segments, and we work in projects which combine many disciplines. Cross-collaboration is key to reaching the best results, and it fosters creative solutions.


“As an embedded software developer at FOSS you have to be able to tackle many different tasks, and often not only within software programming. Many times, you will be involved in the electrical, mechanical, or in my case, chemical work on the instruments and you have to think outside the box to solve problems. Often you are not able to google the answer to problems, simply because we’re exploring new land, and thinking up new solutions to new problems.”

– Kasper Nyborg Nielsen, software developer


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