Infratec™ Sofia

Infratec™ Sofia brings the value of precision grain testing to grain receival sites of all sizes. Mobile, easy to use and aligned with the renowned Infratec™ analyser.

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Accurate on-the-spot analysis. Mobile, robust and easy to use. Using Infratec™ database covering more than 20 years of harvest.
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Wheat, barley, rapeseed/canola, corn, soy beans and more.
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Moisture, protein, oil and more.

Find out why 80% of all wheat traded globally is tested on an Infratec™

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  • Aligned with the official payment system

    The Infratec™ Sofia gives you a low-cost analyser offering reliable measurements aligned with the Infratec™ grain analyser. The Infratec is the official system used for payment by bulk grain handlers around the world and has a number of approvals for trade purposes.
  • Mobile and robust

    Mobile and robust, Infratec™ Sofia goes wherever you need it, making it an ideal solution where flexibility is important.

    The mobile analyser has the weight of 9 kg and runs on a 240vAC or 12vDC power supply. No grinding or sample-preparation is required.
  • ANN calibrations

    Infratec™ Sofia measurements are based on the same comprehensive data used to calibrate all Infratec™ instruments, acquired over 25 years of product development in collaboration with the grain industry. As new calibrations are released they are simply downloaded via the internet and transferred to the Infratec™ Sofia unit ensuring that your results are always accurate and reliable.