New FOSS software solution enables food and agricultural businesses to handle the three most critical areas of operations


Monday, June 19, 2023


FOSS strives to innovate the digital transformation of the global food and agriculture industry launching the world’s first software platform integrating Analytical Device Management, Food Safety & Supplier Quality in one. FOSS IQX™ is built on a solid foundation since 1956 with insights from FOSS’ global industry leading analytical solutions, decades of experience handling thousands of customers connected devices and millions of data sets, including innovative collaborations with the world’s top 100 food companies.


Since FOSS Software Services was founded in August 2021, the company has grown to become a dedicated and specialized software company within FOSS. Today, FOSS Software Services has over 100 employees and offices in San Francisco, Warsaw, Hillerød and Copenhagen.


Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO at FOSS, comments: ”I remember, when we announced the 250M DKK investment less than two years ago, talking about how important being first with the most innovative new solutions is for FOSS. It is what has made us the global market leader within food analytics, but more importantly, it is what will keep us being the preferred partner in optimizing food production, ensuring food safety and improving quality for the food and agriculture industry in the future. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a sneak peek of the future with FOSS IQX™. And we’re celebrating once again succeeding in being first. This is truly a testimonial and proof of the dedicated effort our entire team has made”. 


Introducing the future of food safety and production efficiency
The digital transformation has become a key driver of innovation in the food and agricultural processing industry. Businesses that are constantly seeking new ways to optimize their processes, reduce costs, stay in compliance, and improve the quality of their products. In response to these needs, the FOSS IQX™ software platform has been developed to provide a dedicated, easy-to-use, and rapid solution for food and agricultural businesses looking to embrace the future, enhancing their competitive advantage through technology and analytics.


Rasmus Blom, President FOSS Software Services, comments: ”FOSS IQX™ is a comprehensive software solution for operational excellence and sustainability. It is empowering the food industry with a centralized solution that simplifies collaboration, compliance, and transparency with suppliers. It automates and aggregates data from multiple sources, enabling customers to access a unified view of their operations and make informed decisions – everywhere, every time”.


Delivering Trust, Quality & Insights to our customers
Based on ages of experience from FOSS’ previous digital services and over 40,000 customer collaborations, FOSS IQX™ is developed in and tested for more than 50,000 man-days in partnership with customers from different areas in the food industry.


Initially FOSS IQX™ launches with 34 modules across 3 workspaces, including plug-n-play analytics dashboards, device agnostic connectivity, certified information security, flexible user interface with easy integration  – all in one dedicated solution, managing fleets of instruments, food safety compliance, and simplifying collaborations with suppliers. The FOSS IQX™ solution is built as one centralized data platform for managing, optimizing, and monitoring analytical instruments with transparency across networks and automation. The software tool supports customers to manage their efforts to achieve cost reduction, time savings, risk reduction, and the fulfillment of safety and compliance requirements.


Read more about FOSS IQX™ here.


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