Produção de óleos comestíveis

Edible oils

Edible Oils production

We know that with fluctuating market prices of soymeal versus oil, being able to adjust production according to prevailing market conditions can lead to significant profit improvements.

Where can you analyse

  • Edible Oils Proces Edible Oils Proces

    Incoming oilseed

    Take full control of your oilseed quality:

    • Don’t just trust your supplier – know the quality of your product
    • Segregate oilseeds with confidence
    • Secure results with the global standard for oilseed analysis
  • Edible Oils Proces Edible Oils Proces

    Oilseed crushing

    Adjust production according to prevailing market conditions

    • Get oil versus protein content right 
    • Easy-to-use real time measurement
  • Edible Oils Proces Edible Oils Proces

    Final product meal

    Produce closer to specification to maximise profit:

    • Avoid giving away valuable protein
    • Blend oilseed meals with confidence
    • Assess your final product to get the right price

Are you ready to explore how you can maximise return from your oil crushing/soymeal production?

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NIRS™ DA1650

Rapid and reliable analysis of oilseeds and meals.


The NIRS™ DA1650 analyser offers unique levels of accuracy for measurement of Oil, Protein, Moisture and more.

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NIRS DA 1650


In-line oilseed meal analysis for accurate real time measurement.

The ProFoss™ in-line solution offers continuous measurements of Oil, Protein, Moisture and more, directly in the processing line using NIR.

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Brochures and Papers

Grain, Milling and Oils Segment Brochure

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Infratec™ NOVA

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NIRS™ DS2500 Flour Analyser Brochure

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Fibertec™ 8000 Brochure

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Crude Fat Brochure

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Extractable Matter Brochure

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Total Fat Brochure

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Kjeltec™ 8000 Brochure

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Mill Collection Brochure

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NIRS™ DA1650 Oilseed Crush Analyser Brochure

PDF, English

ProFoss™ Soya Brochure

PDF, English

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